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Manufacturing industry faces growing challenges in terms of productivity, sustainability, and intelligence. With digitalization these challenges can be solved, but technology alone is insufficient for meeting these requirements. By bringing together people, processes and technology, we can accelerate your digital transformation.

Industrial digitalization is an ongoing journey of continuous improvement and innovation. We are a consultative partner, who can combine digital tools, data and analytics with process and production engineering to meet your business needs.

Achieving competitive edge trough digitalized processes

Increased efficiency

Automation of processes improves operational efficiency by reducing manual work. Digital tools enable improving energy efficiency, optimizing material use as well as minimizing waste, which improves the overall efficiency of the operations.

Effective sustainability actions

Digitalization helps to develop sustainable manufacturing by optimizing resource utilization, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and reducing waste and emissions. The data-driven decision-making and automated reporting will also help to achieve sustainability targets.

Cost reduction

Process optimization and waste reduction decrease the costs associated with production, raw material, maintenance, and overall operative work.


Data-driven decision-making & improved user-friendliness

With the implementation of sensors and connected devices, a vast amount of data can be collected to support decision-making. Analyzing this data into user-friendly visual format provides valuable insights both for operational work and business decisions.

Improved quality control

Real-time monitoring and control of production processes is made possible by digitalization, leading to better quality control and fewer defects in manufactured products.

Flexibility and adaptability

Digitalized systems are more resilient to changes in production demands and market conditions. Companies can quickly adjust production schedules, change product configurations, and respond to customer needs more effectively.

A big leap towards genuine user-friendliness

A big leap towards genuine user-friendliness – Elomatic assists Stora Enso in automating factory reporting

Reading time: 5 min

Stora Enso sought to automate reporting at the Heinola cardboard Mill, which was largely manual and causing a growing workload for the personnel. It was evident that the existing tools did not meet modern requirements.

Read what kind of results the development of reporting brought to Stora Enso.

Why is it important to understand the industrial environment?

Industrial digitalization projects often require expertise across multiple domains, including process engineering, electrical engineering, automation, software development, and data analytics. At Elomatic, we have over 50 years of experience in a wide range of industrial projects, including plant, process and production design as well as electrical, instrumentation and automation design.

Deep understanding of industrial processes combined with data and analytics expertise is our key to a successful digitalization process. Cross-disciplinary knowledge helps to design, implement, and integrate digital solutions into existing infrastructure effectively.

For us it is important to work as a partner to provide long-term support. Industrial digitalization is not a one-time effort but rather an ongoing journey of continuous improvement and innovation. We are a trustworthy partner to ensure that digital solutions remain optimized, secure, and up to date as technology evolves and business needs change.

Digitalization in factories

In industrial digitalization, our mission is to create a functional collaboration between humans and technologies, operators and digital tools. When intelligent systems work effortlessly together with people, we can improve productivity, supply chain sustainability, quality and overall factory performance.

Elomatic as a digitalization partner

What we do


Mapping business objectives and consulting what can be achieved through data utilization.

Production development

Combining data and analytics to improve a plant, a process or operational performance. Integrating digitalization projects with process redesign to maximize the benefits.

Proactive maintenance & asset management solutions

Providing solutions to proactive maintenance and advanced asset management to manage and optimize maintenance results as well as manage risks, costs and investments.

Data storage

Processing the continuous data produced by the different systems into a system that supports decision making.

Process monitoring

Process control, adjustment, optimization and process diagnostics based on a well-implemented automation system.

Data visualization

Data visualization reveals gaps in the data, enhances operational reactiveness, improves quality, and enables better analysis for production management.

Reporting automation & KPI development

Turning scattered data and complex systems into understandable information and automated reports. Improving decision-making by measurement signal validation (KPI) solution.

Analytic services

Statistical methods, machine learning and artificial intelligence to support business development.


Striving towards Industry 5.0

Striving towards Industry 5.0 – What does the future factory look like?

Reading time: 9 min

Industrial operations are currently undergoing a significant transformation, and digitalization is playing an increasingly vital role in manufacturing. Industry 5.0 ensures a framework that combines competitiveness and sustainability, allowing industry to realize its potential as one of the actors of sustainable transformation.

Discover the insights of our leading expert, Teemu Turunen, on the future of factories and their evolution by the 2030s.

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Learn more:

Scalable cloud service platform

Our comprehensive and customizable cloud service platform makes your day-to-day operations smoother, improves work safety and enhances your customer communications. Scalability enables quick changes in operating capacity.

Proactive maintenance

Smart maintenance brings transparency to functions and operations. It also helps you manage and optimize your maintenance resources in terms of equipment and networks, as well as experts and know-how.

Asset management

Advanced asset management informs you about the quantity, condition and quality of your assets both now and in the future. Collating scattered information makes it significantly easier to manage business goals, risks, costs and investments.

Key figures for production

A good understanding of the normal state is the basis for efficient and high-quality production. Tracking the right key figures will get you some of the way, but when you truly understand the background behind the figures, your everyday communications will become much more effective.

Our 3D and virtual digital solutions:

Virtual Factory

Virtual Factory is a digital working environment of the entire factory or production plant, in which the users can move freely, get acquainted with the processes and practice various maintenance operations using VR technology.

Digital application development and XR solutions

3D design materials can be used in the manufacture of equipment, production, training, problem-solving and communications. We provide various applications and XR software tailored to your needs.