Machinery and Equipment

We produce sustainable growth and boost investments.

We help create sustainable growth with smart resource-wise solutions, technology development, factory investment engineering, consultation, and project management.

We know how to combine competences and apply technology in order to solve problems and create innovations.

We can adjust the scale of production from a laboratory scale to a pilot unit, a demonstration facility and, finally, an entire factory.

Technology and product development

We offer solutions for the engineering and development needs related to products, devices, machines, machine systems, and production.

We provide versatile competence in engineering and development projects. We perform both individual engineering and services deliveries and large-scale development projects with project management services.

We consider it important that we understand your operations, services and products; this way we can take your needs into account. Another aspect important to us is that we understand your network so that we can operate responsibly in a manner that increases the wellbeing of people and the environment. 

We offer assistance in the creation of innovations and patenting of solutions. We perform creative design, product concepts, machine and mechanical engineering, industrial design, technical calculations, UI and UX design, and multisectoral cooperation so that you can realize your ideas and take them to production and to the market. 

Smart Factory investment and production development

We offer solutions and support for individual production development needs – regardless of whether your issue concerns a machine, a device or an entire factory.

When it comes to engineering production machines and devices or factories, our competence covers large-scale and challenging entities. We also offer support and management services for projects. Our services include everything from concept workshops to planning and procurements and the deployment of the machine or factory (EPCM). We can also include E & A, HVAC and HSE planning in the project.

As Elomatic has a long history and our services include several competence areas, we have the skills to develop machines and factories to ensure the desired results. Our services cover fields such as technical calculation, simulation and visualization.

Services for Smart Factory investment and production development