Laser Scanning

We are a pioneer in laser scanning in Finland. We can measure in one day what would take a month when using the traditional methods.

Laser scanning is an effective and fast tool for 3D measuring any object. We have over 20 years of experience in the field. We have carried out over a thousand significant laser scanning projects around the world.

With better initial design information, your project will be risk-free, you will have improved communications and there will be fewer misunderstandings. You also get cost savings during the installation phase as larger prefabricated installations are completed in a shorter time. In addition, the traditional preliminary clearance and modeling phases can be skipped altogether.

Our Reality Capture Solutions provide extremely precise 3D material both as initial design information and as content for virtual solutions and the digital twin. In our work, we use laser scanning and photogrammetry solutions.

Plant and ship scanning

Do you need a partner in plant or ship scanning? We provide top-rate service using cutting-edge scanning equipment.

Do you need precise scanning service? With our plant scanners, we can achieve an accuracy of approximately 5 mm in projects involving large entities and up to 2 mm in smaller precision projects.

We perform the scan as a color scan, which also conveniently produces 360 HDR photos. In connection with the scanning, we use a tachymeter, which we use to link the scan to the desired plant coordinates and ensure the overall accuracy.

Your project target can even be remote, as our equipment can be transported by air.

Elomatic Laser Scanning Guide

Download our laser scanning guide

Enhance your production processes with our expert guide. Essential for engineers and managers.

Inside the guide:

  • Detailed explanations of laser scanning technology and its applications
  • Case studies showcasing successful implementations in various industries
  • Step-by-step guidance on integrating laser scanning into your projects
  • Tips for optimizing project management and avoiding common pitfalls

Download the Laser Scanning Guide 

iReality3D mobile scanning

Mobile scanning is an extremely fast way to perform a scan. Our mobile scanning uses advanced sensor technology.

We perform the mobile scanning while moving, and it is ten times faster than conventional plant scanning. With mobile scanning, we can reach an accuracy of approximately 8–15 mm.

In addition to its speed, an advantage to mobile scanning is that you can quickly publish the scans onto a secure cloud server with the ability to grant access rights to multiple users. This makes sharing the materials easier when the project involves multiple parties.

You can also share comments and notes to others through the platform. It is also possible to link external documents or IoT data sources.

Component scanning

In component scanning, we use an agile portable laser scanner, which can reach an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm.

In part scanning, the size of the scanned objects can range from a matchbox to a passenger car. Our scanner will travel to the destination with the equipment. You can also easily provide movable parts to our office for scanning.

Drone scanning

We perform UAV scanning using the latest technology on the market reliably and quickly.

Our drone scanning is based on photogrammetry, which produces 3D materials with an accuracy of up to 5 cm, depending on the distance to the object. For instance, you can make use of the methods for scanning vast outdoor areas, where the main design need is space use, such as conveyor lines, new construction or equipment positioning outdoors.

The method is also suited to surface area or volume calculations.

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