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Elomatic helps businesses face the future from the right angle. Our 1300 professionals deliver superior value throughout the entire life cycles of products, services and software.

We design solutions that increase the wellbeing of people and the environment.

Our areas of expertise

Do you need innovative design that takes into account future environmental requirements? With our broad experience and extensive professional resources, we can reliably carry out even the largest projects.

We offer various planning and project management solutions to the maritime industry, including full scope concept development, basic and detailed design as well as relating consulting activities.

Whether your requirements are related to tailoring your product to your very specific needs, fuel efficiency, product life cycle suitability testing, site monitoring, or life cycle support, you can rely on our expertise. Our services cover all sophisticated vessel types, from cruise and ferry to governmental vessels and icebreakers.

Saving energy is one of our most important focus areas. For example, our Elogrid solution can reduce the fuel consumption of your ships. Further, we support you to take the right choice of future fuels and implement those into your newbuildings or existing fleet.

As a multifunctional company, we have extensive expertise from different business units and the energy sector, which we combine to ensure the most effective overall solution.

In addition, we offer innovative solutions for offshore wind power plants.

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We design solutions that increase the well-being of the environment and people. We invest in opportunities of the green transition.

We develop a society that is based on clean energy production and the efficient utilization of energy and raw materials. One example of our focus areas is the production of green hydrogen and its further processing into green ammonia.

Our operations are focused on the industrial sector because that is where choices and solutions provide us the opportunity to have the greatest impact on the entire society.

Our key strengths include expertise in plant design, which we utilize especially in new plant projects.

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We produce sustainable growth with smart resourcewise solutions, technology development, engineering , factory investment engineering, consultation, and project management.

We use technology to make life easier, to create safety and to produce sustainable   solutions for people and the environment. In this way, we help you achieve a competitive edge with technology and factory solutions. We know how to design, combine competences, and apply technology in order to solve problems and create innovations.

The circular economy begins on the drawing board; the aim is to plan the entire lifecycle of a product or plant. A well-planned and implemented model boosts sustainable growth, reduces costs, builds flexibility and makes the operators ecologically sustainable.

For you, this means benefits such as savings in materials, lengthening the lifespan of the product with maintenance and reuse, and, finally, recycling and new revenue streams. 

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We offer simulation and digitalization services that help you to reduce your costs and produce safer and more sustainable solutions.

We secure your technological competitiveness. In practice, this means smaller operating costs and material costs for your products as well as safer and more sustainable products. We possess a solid understanding of your needs and of what value your products or services will continue to produce.

Our services range all the way from leading product development conceptualization to marketing. These are targeted at various industrial products and digital applications.

Your success is what we aim for. We tailor the solutions according to your needs, so that you can achieve positive customer experiences that also result in growth. An attractive brand makes for a clear competitive edge.

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Whether you need a production suite for pharmaceuticals or medical devices, we can offer you strong design expertise and reliable deliveries. Your needs and agreed guidelines are our starting point.

We have decades of experience in designing, constructing, and qualifying new facilities and production lines for the pharmaceutical, medical device and related industries. Our designs have gained cGMP approval from authorities in Europe, the US and India.

Our services encompass all investment phases, from creating a concept to delivering the final report on operational qualification – whether your needs concern the contained production of potent API or the biological manufacturing of vaccines.

We use agreed legislation, standards and guidelines, such as GMP, ISO, ACME and ISPE, as the basis and tailor the design according to your requirements. Our goal is to create the smoothest possible process for obtaining the needed approvals for your investment.

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We take care of the wellbeing, comfort and development opportunities of our employees.

We succeed together, We have a passion to improve, We are trustworthy – we promise to act according to our values! We are proud of what we do and of our desire to learn more. Our atmosphere is friendly and caring. It is important to us that our employees feel good and enjoy their work. We offer diverse employee benefits and development opportunities in a variety of careers. We understand that there is also life outside of the workplace. Therefore, we make it possible to work flexibly to meet different work and life situations.

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Elomatic is a Finnish engineering and consulting company that focuses on solutions that improve environmental and human well-being. We have more than 50 years of experience in the field and are known as a pioneer in the development of design methods.

We are a supplier of engineering and consulting services and overall solutions that are based on our own technologies. We provide both industrial companies and public-sector organizations with top expertise from the first consultation to the end of the investment’s lifecycle. Our customers appreciate our reliability and flexibility.

Having a working method that is responsible and takes the environment into account is our central operating principle and we have the will to contribute to the creation of new things. We are happy to help you with scaling new, sustainable business operations, for example. 

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