Our story

Ari Elo established Elomatic in 1970. Under his leadership, the company grew, developed and expanded its operations both geographically and in the different sectors of industry. Even today, development and continuous improvement are part of our DNA; everything we do aims to improve environmental and human well-being.

Since the first steps of the company, we have wanted to do things better and more efficiently. For example, we already reduced emissions in one of our first customer projects, where our development target was an asphalt machine. Even then we managed to achieve a significant improvement!

People’s well-being has also been important to us from the beginning, and in addition to heavier industries, we have expanded our operations to the pharmaceutical industry. Recently, we have designed things such as COVID-19 vaccine factories.

We are a pioneer in method development

Our operations are strongly characterized by our ability to create new methods and innovative design tools. For example, the Cadmatic design system that we developed in the 80s continues to be one of the most advanced 3D design programs for ship and factory designing.

Our corporate culture enables our employees’ own development work alongside customer work. This type of innovation has created, for example, the Elogrid solution that decreases the fuel consumption of ships.

Our competence in sustainable development is now in high demand

Today, almost all of our customer projects include decreasing energy consumption, finding substitutes for the use of fossil fuels or creating human well-being by, for example, eliminating monotonous work stages. In addition to design, we offer turnkey solutions and consultation in areas such as the utilization of waste heat.

We are strongly involved in the circular economy. We always consider whether we can find a useful purpose for a side stream, even if the customer hadn’t thought to ask for it. Among Finnish technology startups, we are known as a company you should contact when you need to scale your operations.