Plant and ship scanning 

Do you need a partner in plant or ship scanning? We provide top-rate service using cutting-edge scanning equipment.

Point clouds

A point cloud refers to three-dimensional geometrical data of a space or object, consisting of points, created with laser scanning. It can act as the basis for design, measurement schematics and modeling.

We provide your desired data as a user-friendly viewing application that you can open with a normal web browser without any application installations. The viewing application allows you to navigate in photographic HDR 360 panoramic views or a point cloud mode and use measuring tools to get any measurements you need.

We will also deliver the point cloud in a format compatible with the CAD system of your choosing. If you need to carry out a small-scale modification or device installation, it is possible to carry out modernization engineering cost-effectively directly in the point cloud.

If your project has not yet migrated to 3D systems, but rather employs 2D design, we will used orthophotos as the scanning data. These are accurate views of the scanning data projected onto a surface and read into the background of the AutoCAD plant layout, for example. Using orthophotos is cost-effective when you want to update your old 2D layouts.

3D point cloud modeling

We can share 3D models of the point cloud for you to use.

We can process laser scanned materials into a real surface model at the plant modeling level of accuracy. This allows you to use the material as a normal 3D model.

3D surface modeling pays off especially when you want to create a maintainable 3D model of a plant for future use.

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