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Top Engineer 2/2023

Towards the twin transition

Twin transition is gradually becoming a standard phrase. We all know it stands for simultaneous digital and green transitions. However, do we ever consider what that means for all of us?

Digital development has created fantastic tools for zero-delay number processing, fact finding and analyses; in general, learning from the past. At the same time, we know what is sustainable and have all the opportunities to choose a lifestyle in which we are on board with the twin transition, starting today.

First, we need to replace fossil materials and energy sources with renewables, look for opportunities to reuse materials and minimize consumption. It is essential to eliminate process fluctuations and leakages and avoid overdoing anything in overcapacity.

This is where the utilization of digital opportunities comes into the picture. As a simple first step, for example, industrial processes must aim for more optimized production schemes to meet the true product demands in terms of both quality and quantity. In other words, we should deliver products that “do the job” in sufficient quantities. Additionally, efficient utilization of historical data and learning from it should be the key objective for digitalization opportunities in the industrial context. Our personal choices to prioritize renewable materials are crucial to support the green transition and have extensive impacts on industrial production.

In line with our mission, we at Elomatic are committed to creating solutions that support the green transition. We strive for excellence in expertise, aiming to be top professionals in our selected fields. This commitment is ingrained in our company’s DNA, the very essence of where it all began. Yet, we aspire to achieve even more. Armed with the right people and the right mindset, we are poised to perform miracles!

As the new editor-in-chief, I’m pleased to announce that, moving forward, we will only publish a digital edition of this magazine. This way, we can reach even more of our customers, save the environment, and offer fresh reading experiences, including video content.

Tom Lind

Artificial intelligence is here

Artificial intelligence is here – Can your company harness it?

Reading time: 8 min

Industry’s interest in artificial intelligence (AI) has surged dramatically with the emergence of generative AI and the popularity of large language model based tools, such as ChatGPT. However, we are far from seeing AI’s full potential. World-class AI experts from Silo AI advise companies to direct AI investments towards their core business to generate real and enduring value – as a technology, AI benefits significantly from economies of scale.

Striving towards Industry 5.0

Striving towards Industry 5.0 – What does the future factory look like?

Reading time: 9 min

Many associate industrial activities with smokestacks, water pollution, and reports of factories closing due to unprofitability. In reality, industrial operations are currently undergoing a significant transformation. Digitalization is playing an increasingly prominent role in manufacturing, and clean production technologies are becoming mainstream. Innovation, especially in the fields of bioeconomy and circular economy, is thriving as raw materials and materials are utilized across industry boundaries.

Visionary: Tom Lind

Visionary: Tom Lind

Reading time: 8 min

According to Elomatic’s new CEO Tom Lind, one of his main ambitions is to internationalize all sectors of Elomatic. The company’s sharpened focus will encompass various aspects of the green transition, aligning with the company’s commitment to designing solutions that increase the wellbeing of people and the environment.

Significant savings with mobile scanning:

Significant savings with mobile scanning: Infinited Fiber Company virtualized its factory spaces quickly and cost-effectively

Reading time: 4 min

Infinited Fiber Company is constructing a large recycled fiber plant in Kemi within the premises of an old paper mill. The company required precise information about the space for equipment placement and commissioned both indoor and outdoor mobile scanning from Elomatic. This approach resulted in substantial savings in both time and money.

What happens when gray and green merge?

What happens when gray and green merge? In the new era, sustainability and technological development go hand in hand

Reading time: 6 min

Throughout history, technological innovations have marked significant milestones, but today, we face perhaps the greatest challenge and opportunity of all: combining sustainable development with technological progress. These two realms – the green and the gray – are often treated and managed as separate domains, although combining them can set us on a path towards growth.

A New Era in Maritime Maintenance Management – Navigating Elomatic’s Manta APM

Reading time: 7 min

In the journey towards green shipping, energy efficiency and decarbonization continue to stand out as critical factors. To ensure the maritime industry plays its part in achieving sustainability and complies with IMO and EU rules and regulations, efficient maintenance management is imperative. Elomatic has taken a significant step forward with the development of Manta Asset Performance Management (APM) system, which promises tools to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance sustainability.

Insight: What do you think are the most fascinating opportunities of digitalization in your field?

Insight: What do you think are the most fascinating opportunities of digitalization in your field?

Reading time: 5 min

Explore the insights of our experts into the possibilities of digitalization. Managing Director Guido Schulte provides reflections from the perspective of the maritime industry, Design Manager Kaisa Tuomilehto delves into automation systems, and Portfolio Manager Kaj Rosing addresses the issue through the lens of the pharmaceutical industry.

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