Technology Solutions

We create customized solutions to help your company succeed.

Technical analysis allows you to develop your products, and scanning is a powerful tool for precise 3D analysis. Visualization helps you to create virtual training on a product, for example.

In structural analysis, we define technical design foundations related to structural strength, analyze the structure and draft proposals for improvement and reports.

With Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), you can get in-depth knowledge on the workings of equipment or processes, which allows you to develop operations and performance.

iReality3D is a highly agile mobile 3D scanning service for creating visual digital twins. The protected cloud service allows the material to be shared easily.

Virtual Mill is a virtual working environment for the production plant, where you can freely move, learn about the processes and provide training on various tasks.

Fluid Dynamics

With our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services, you can analyze the fluid dynamics and heat or mass transfer of fluids and thereby develop your products. You also save time and money.

Do you produce equipment that makes everyday life easier or better or creates a safe environment? By making use of our modeling services, you can ensure its functionality and optimal performance.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the science of predicting fluid flow and mass and heat transfer. With our CFD services, you can try out even the wildest ideas without needing to build several prototypes. This saves you time and energy. You can also avoid long production standstills by using computer-assisted solutions for problem-solving. We can often avoid malfunctions by preparing for them by using simulation.

All of the abovementioned factors bring considerable savings to your company, both from the economic and temporal perspective. Analysis also gives more information on the equipment or process being looked at, resulting in a product that is a functional, safe and environmentally friendly.

Structural Analysis

With our structural analysis, you can ensure the strength and functionality of a structure without expensive oversizing. The design process becomes quicker as well.

By ensuring structural strength early in the design phase, you can avoid expensive and potentially dangerous design errors later on. At best, our structural analysis helps you to avoid the production of prototypes altogether, thereby saving time.

Our services are comprehensive, and we are a well-known operator and reliable partner in demanding analysis projects. Our professionals have experience from thousands of structural analysis projects, including vibration, fatigue and thermal analysis as well as nonlinear and time-dependent analysis in accordance with various standards.

Based on the results, we report in a clear manner on what loads can be approved for the structure and make recommendations as necessary. According to the need, we provide the analysis by using numerical methods (FEM analysis) or analytical methods.

Laser Scanning

We are a pioneer in laser scanning in Finland. We can measure in one day what would take a month when using the traditional methods.

Laser scanning is an effective and fast tool for 3D measuring any object. We have over 20 years of experience in the field. We have carried out over a thousand significant laser scanning projects around the world.

With better initial design information, your project will be risk-free, you will have improved communications and there will be fewer misunderstandings. You also get cost savings during the installation phase as larger prefabricated installations are completed in a shorter time. In addition, the traditional preliminary clearance and modeling phases can be skipped altogether.

Our Reality Capture Solutions provide extremely precise 3D material both as initial design information and as content for virtual solutions and the digital twin. In our work, we use laser scanning and photogrammetry solutions.


We provide you with visual solutions to support your industrial products and services. Our digital production chain allows us to offer highly cost-effective 3D content production.

Would you like to analyze the space use of your equipment or provide training on the production process in a safe and memorable manner?

Through our efficient production process, we provide all of the 3D visualizations and XR solutions that you need. By making use of the same materials in different solutions, we are able to provide an amazing service package: the same design model can be used for all the visualizations needed through the product life cycle.

You can use the same 3D images in marketing, sales and training. With the help of 3D animation, you can demonstrate how your product works or provide training on the maintenance of your equipment, for example. Animation allows you to display things that you cannot show on video, such as unconstructed spaces or fluid dynamics.

You can make use of the AR and XR applications in sales, training, production problem-solving and communications.