Computational fluid dynamics services for machinery and manufacturing

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) helps to, for example, optimize machinery, improve performance, reduce energy consumption and ensure the operability of equipment, without forgetting the environmental aspects.

Often, the goal of product development is to improve performance, reduce energy consumption or make a plan more competitive. CFD offers endless possibilities for that.

With our simulation service, you can compare different design options in order to find the optimal version. In some cases, through automatic optimization, we can go through a huge number of options in order to come up with the most optimal solution.

With CFD simulations, you can test equipment in real conditions and adjusting the scaling, which provides you with a lot of information. This way, you can make considerable time and resource savings, as the production of prototypes is often challenging and expensive. A good way is to simulate different options and then produce the final prototype or product in order to ensure performance.

  • Rotating machinery
  • Mass and paper industry
  • Cooling of electronics

Design and optimization of rotating machinery

Could we be your partner in matters related to blowers and pumps? Our strengths include related computational fluid dynamics analyses, as well as design and structural analysis of other rotating machinery.

We can serve you by both optimizing existing devices and designing entirely new ones. Our expertise in turbomachinery and compressors has been our special strength and source of pride for a long time.

The properties of the fluid are an essential part of modeling the functionality of a pump and valves. We also model pumps and valves that use non-Newtonian fluids.

  • All types of blowers
  • All types of turbines
  • All types of compressors, including turbo
  • All types of pumps and fluids
  • Propellers and propulsion devices

Computational fluid dynamics in the paper and pulp industry

For a long time, paper industry machinery has been a key area of competence for Elomatic. Models depicting actual paper machines are required for optimizing performance in demanding research and product development projects. 

We know paper machines and their accessories, and we have an entire team of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and modeling professionals waiting for your commission. Decades of experience in demanding simulations related to paper and pulp production have fine-tuned our competencies in the field.

In addition to simulation expertise, our modeling professionals have comprehensive process-related competence. By combining CFD modeling and our process competence, we can produce very cost-effective and reliable modeling results that are sure to improve the efficiency of your company, too.

  • Pulp production, including mixing using non-Newtonian fluids
  • Interaction of flow and structure, including mass and heat transfer between the mesh, the sheet and the surrounding air
  • Detailed modeling of the mesh with results that can be used in full-scale simulations

Simulations of the cooling of electronics

Our comprehensive know-how in the cooling of electronics provides a solid basis for the simulation and development of cooling.

Do you need to simulate the functions of an individual component or a larger system, such as a service rack? We can solve both small and difficult problems quickly and reliably. Over the decades, we have built up the required competencies for carrying out quick and cost-effective simulations.

Our simulations take into consideration all heat transfer phenomena, including convection, conduction and radiation. We can also model matter transfer, heat-induced deformation and explosions, if necessary.

  • Standardized and detailed simulations of individual components
  • Inspection of circuit card heat calculations (including copper layers)
  • Fluid-based cooling
  • Simulation and optimization of cooling elements
  • Detailed simulation of blowers and linking with local temperature and fan curve
  • Modeling base stations, servers, inverters, hand tools and other devices
  • Simultaneous modeling of various devices, such as server and network racks and entire data centers
  • Calculation of structures’ thermal stresses and heat-induced deformations

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