What we do

Elomatic has over 50 years of experience in demanding engineering and consulting tasks, as well as project management. Our global network of experts ensures that we can support you in all phases of your project and respond to changes quickly.

We focus on solutions that improve the well-being of people and the environment.

Our special areas of expertise include:

Engineering: Nurturing ideas into reality

Elomatic is best known as a specialist in investment projects: we provide you with all the technical design expertise you need, from concept to basic and detailed design of a product, plant, or ship. We use database-based engineering tools that enable several users to collaborate on a project at the same time. Moreover, it is possible to leverage the accumulated data in later stages of the project.

We can also take care of project information management, which speeds up and enhances integrity of design. In addition, we are happy to assist you in quotation inquiries for manufacturing, procurement, and implementation.

Consulting: Unveiling opportunities

We are your seasoned consulting partner for various needs. We bring multidisciplinary expertise to your project and help you take your business to a next level, whether you want to develop existing solutions or bring a new idea to realization.

Together, we can also tackle the challenges of tomorrow. For instance, we can examine the suitability of new technologies, raw materials or fuels for your business or quickly create concepts that enable profitability assessment of a project. When you need additional resources, we act as a scalable technical expert to support and supplement your own organization.

With our latest acquisition, we now also provide financial and advisory services in the energy sector. 

Project management: Navigating excellence

We can lead projects from small design tasks to globally distributed deliveries and assist you in verifying your plans. Since there are several options for project delivery method, we will help you choose the most suitable one for your business. For example, in a project based on the EPCM model, we offer project management services related to engineering, procurement, and construction management, but you make agreements directly with suppliers.

Technical analysis and visualization: Enhancing design

Technical analysis helps you develop products, facilities, vehicles, or processes and shorten the lead times of projects. Additionally, it provides information for your various needs. Visualization plays a significant role when you want to communicate your change project effectively or create virtual training. Laser scanning provides highly accurate 3D data of objects and environments, making your plans compatible with previous structures.

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Product and service development: Innovating tomorrow

We assist you in creating innovations and patenting solutions. We conduct preliminary studies, develop product and service concepts according to your needs, design products and their user interfaces, and create manufacturing plans that support a business plan for your product. Capitalizing on our proficiency in scaling up, you can bring your ideas to life, from production to market – we help you create the conditions for replicating your operating model on a global scale.

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Products and overall solutions: Strengthening competitiveness

We develop products and overall solutions that support our service offering. For example, our project development company Green North Energy is developing a green hydrogen and ammonia production plant in Naantali, Finland.

Our product range includes:

  • Cadmatic design software optimized for various industries 
  • Elogrid solution that decreases the fuel consumption of ships
  • Float Foundation, a unique foundation solution for offshore wind farms 
  • Cleanrooms

Our Services

Machinery and Equipment

We produce sustainable growth and boost investments.

We help create sustainable growth with smart resource-wise solutions, technology development, factory investment engineering, consultation, and project management.

Marine and Offshore Energy

We can serve as your partner in the design and construction of ship and offshore wind power solutions with expertise in environmental requirements.

We have extensive experience and an established role as an early adopter of new technologies. We offer a full range of design and project management services for different types of vessels.

Process and Energy

We implement low-carbon and resource-efficient solutions across different industrial sectors.

Are you looking for a partner for developing your production plants or promoting new investment? Our strengths include expertise in low-carbon energy solutions and a solid understanding of bio and circular economy projects.


We offer strong expertise in pharmaceutical and medical device production suites.

We help you in designing, constructing, and qualifying new facilities and production lines. Our services encompass all investment phases, from creating a concept to delivering the final report.