Production engineering

We help when you need solutions for production challenges. Through production engineering, we solve issues concerning productivity, quality and security of supply.

In production engineering, we implement a variety of projects from simple lifting tools to complex production lines.

A common theme in engineering projects is that the solutions for the production challenges require comprehensive expertise from different sectors. A typical engineering commission is machine construction that combines technical calculation, HSE engineering, automation and electrical engineering. Procurement and deployment processes often play an important role in the success of the project, in which case a turnkey solution may be the best option.

In engineering, we can use different types of software tools from which you can choose the one that suits your operations the best. Project management principles can also be tailored to the needs of the client and project.

  • Multisectoral engineering under one roof
  • Flexible project management opportunities
  • Turnkey deliveries (EPCM)

Production machinery

When your production process requires machines and devices that are engineered according to the specific requirements, we help you to find a feasible solution with our multi-disciplinary approach.

  • Production machines and lines engineering for pilot projects and commercial volumes
  • Testing bench engineering for large and heavy products

When our team develops production machinery, we include various fields of expertise in the project. Typical tasks include mechanical engineering, technical calculations, HSE engineering, automation and electrical engineering. Sometimes, also our knowledge of purchase and commission processes, and relevant suppliers, are key to the final success.

The whole Elomatic team works closely together towards the best possible end result. This is how we ensure that you will end up with a productive and well-functioning solution.

Production lines

With our long engineering expertise, we help you to ensure that your production line is as productive as possible.

  • EPCM delivery as an option
  • Simulation of the line performance
  • CE-certification for the production line

Our scope varies from bulk materials to discrete manufacturing assembly lines, and from manual to fully automated lines. With our expertise in various domains, we can ensure a well-functioning solution and smooth delivery.

We will reach great results not only with various engineering tasks, but also with solid project management, purchase and commissioning services. But we don’t need to stop there – simulation tools, automation integration, user panels and other factory IT systems can add that valuable final touch in ensuring as productive production line as possible.  

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