Our relationship with stakeholders

Our goal is to be the number one choice as employer among top professionals in our field and a reliable partner for our customers. We also consider maintaining good relations with the surrounding society a priority.

Our employees are a key to our success and we treat them accordingly. We comply with local labor legislation and other local agreements and regulations in our countries of operation. We do not favor or discriminate against anyone when hiring new employees or selecting persons for training or new positions.

We support the occupational well-being of our personnel

We ensure our personnel’s occupational health and safety. We take into account the balance between work and free time that our employees need, and we identify the mental and physical stress factors of work as early as possible. We also provide our professionals with the opportunity to develop in their current and future positions.

Our internal occupational health and safety guidelines meet or exceed the requirements set by occupational health and safety legislation. We also strive to prevent accidents and health hazards.

We treat all people equally

We respect international human rights. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying in relation to

  • age
  • gender
  • race
  • skin color
  • nationality or ethnic origin
  • language
  • social status
  • religion
  • physical or mental disability
  • political or other opinion
  • family relations or
  • sexual orientation.

We do not tolerate harassment or bullying of any other kind at work. Our employees have the right to organize, right to form and join unions to ensure protection of interests and right to bargain collectively.

We abstain from child labor and all forms of forced labor. We comply with the valid restrictions on the duration and type of employment of persons under 18 years old.

Our operations aim to improve our customers’ competitiveness

We are constantly developing new solutions to produce more value for our customers. Therefore, we regularly collect feedback from our customers and we develop our products and services on the basis of the feedback. We are also actively creating new channels of communication and cooperation with our customers. In cooperation with our customers, we improve society with solutions that decrease emissions, save energy and increase the well-being and safety of people.

We ensure that our operations follow the promises we have made to our customers. We always market our products and services truthfully and accurately and our customers can trust our products and services to be of high quality. Our quality management is based on the ISO 9001 quality standard or equivalent principles and guidelines.

We foster good relations with the surrounding society

We comply with local laws and provisions in our countries of operation. We do not practice or tolerate any form of corruption or bribery and are committed to implementing an anti-corruption policy. We also do not support political activity financially or in any other way.

We are actively involved in the development of our industry by, for example, cooperating with educational institutions and by participating in the discussions concerning local communities. Some of our employees are members of trade unions and advisory boards of universities of applied sciences.

We finance one professorship and offer summer jobs and internships as well as similar temporary positions. In addition, we develop new services in cooperation with our customers and residents of different cities.