Are you looking for new solutions for your products, production or business operations? Regardless of whether the issue is with a machine, service or factory, our expertise solve any business challenges.

Tailored solutions

Are you facing challenges related to your industry or technology to which you would like to find a well-functioning solution? We have the competence to take solutions we design from the idea stage to implementation.

Our task is to understand your industry and produce solutions that meet your needs. We have extensive experience of several different sectors. Our multidisciplinary and professional skills along with efficient processes and procedures form the pillars of our competence.

We can always offer overall solutions to meet your needs, regardless of whether your challenges relate to paper machines, environmental technology, medical equipment, consumer products, or the automotive industry.

We can help you with the design and optimization of production and manufacturing processes, the development of R&D competence and methods, streamlining of procedures and various other business challenges. 

At Elomatic our areas of expertise are pulp and paper industry, industrial machinery and equipment, transport and cranes, aviation industry, mining and material processing, energy and power transmission, electrical engineering, consumer products, environmental technology, pharmaceutical industry, maritime industry and innovation development. 

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