Mechanical and manufacturing engineering

Through multisectoral planning and expert solutions, we meet the needs of your industrial business operations. We are responsible for your entire product development project – from innovation to production engineering!

Metal and steel structure engineering

Plastic and composite structure engineering

We engineer plastic and composite structures and products for the needs of high-technology industries. We specialize in the engineering of structures with challenging durability and weight requirements.

Turn to us when you need help in the engineering of mechanical parts, internal structures, or outer shells of plastic products. The most challenging plastic casting designs we have engineered have been consumer electronics, defense technology products, and medical devices.

Our competencies related to composites are focused on the utilization of carbon-fiber-based technologies in products and parts that require optimization in relation to durability and weight requirements. We have long-term cooperation with a defense sector customer that entails the use of prepreg and SMC technologies in the production of carbon fiber parts and structures that pass strict weight requirements and can also withstand extreme forces. Additionally, we have designed demanding composite parts for our customers in the aviation industry.

We provide introductory training for repairing composite structures as well as analysis and calculation services for the design of plastic and composite parts, in addition to engineering services.

Additive Manufacturing (AM)

The design process of an optimized AM structure

Starting point

The starting point for the process is either an existing structure or a model produced in concept design.

Topology optimization

This part of the process entails considering all of the stresses and preconditions (structural integrity, fatigue durability, deformations, natural frequencies, etc.) related to optimization as well as deciding the property to be optimized (usually mass).

Further engineering to transform the result of optimization into a structure

We use the optimized shapes to engineer a structure that takes into consideration the requirements of manufacturing and post-processing and any possible regulations.

Verification of the engineered structure

We employ structural analysis and prototype testing to ensure that the engineered structure meets the requirements.

Machinery and components

Layout engineering

Production engineering services for product development

We are your one-stop shop for product and production engineering as well as manufacturing services. By centralizing the various engineering activities, you can also achieve cost efficiency in the procurement of services.

Our production engineering and consultation services apply to the production of machinery and equipment of all sizes, ranging from individual accessory tools to demanding overall solutions that combine various engineering functions.

Our areas of special know-how are:

  • Engineering of production and manufacturing
  • product development
  • specialized machinery and equipment
  • centralized engineering

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Production lines and factory engineering

Do you need an expert for factory and production engineering? We carry out factory projects cost effectively from preliminary design all the way to turning in a completed factory.

Our plant engineering services comprise different design functions from process plants to the manufacturing industry. We carry out factory design for entirely new plants and for alterations to existing facilities.

Our areas of special know-how are:

  • process design
  • layout design
  • pipeline design
  • steel structure design
  • HVAC
  • EIA
  • HVAC
  • EPCM

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Tools and specialized machinery and equipment for production

We can combine product and production engineering into a functional and comprehensive approach in the engineering of production and manufacture specialized equipment. This is demonstrated by increased production efficiency and output.

Our high-quality project management, engineering, and consultation services are independent of equipment technology vendors, which ensures a flexible, cost-effective, and optimized result for your project.

Our expertise comprises engineering and consultation services of the following equipment, among others:

  • tools and material processing equipment
  • test jigs
  • installation and assembly jigs
  • welding jigs
  • specialized production machinery
  • work devices
  • aviation industry tools.

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