Process and Energy

We implement low-carbon and resource-efficient solutions across different industrial sectors.

Are you looking for a partner for developing your production plants or promoting new investment? Our strengths include expertise in low-carbon energy solutions and a solid understanding of bio and circular economy projects.

We serve companies ranging from start-ups to established operators.

We invest in hydrogen economy solutions, which will play a key role in a clean future.

We offer a comprehensive service together with our partners.

We are technologists who understand the needs of industrial production.

Our solid expertise in factory and plant design is a key pillar of our operations.

Our project production is the cornerstone of our operational efficiency.

Industrial circular economy

We are your expert partner in industrial bio and circular economy. We offer services ranging from developing individual units to entire plant projects.

One of the greatest challenges facing bio and circular economy projects is scaling up a new idea into an industrial operation. The expertise we have gained through various implementation projects allows us to support and promote your goals throughout the development path.

Our competence is based on extensive projects we have carried out across industrial sectors as well as our understanding of the related technologies. These factors allow us to design and implement a well-functioning industrial process or plant around an idea.

Our long experience on improving energy and material efficiency has also provided us with a deep understanding of circular economy, which can be applied from individual processes to industrial symbiosis.

Low-carbon energy and solutions for the hydrogen economy

We carry out various low-carbon energy projects from ideation and consulting all the way to implementation. Our expertise is scalable to meet a variety of needs.

Whether your company operates in energy production or another industrial sector, our services can meet your needs. Examples of low-carbon projects include various implementations related to heat pumps, electric boilers or other areas of electrification, from which we can together choose the most suitable solution for your needs.

Our key areas of competence include heat production from bio-based sources and industrial waste heat as well as heat storage and distribution. We also implement dozens of energy efficiency projects every year.

The hydrogen economy is one area that we are very actively developing. Our project development company Green North Energy Oy acts as a development platform in the production of green hydrogen and ammonia and we also offer this competence more extensively.

Resource efficiency

Would you like to boost the resource efficiency of your operations? We design efficient production plants and processes and improve the operational efficiency of energy and materials.

We have experience and competence in field measurements and energy audits. This provides a good basis for practical improvements in energy efficiency. We also have competence in energy production and consumables, which allows us to design and implement solutions that take energy efficiency into account comprehensively.

Our services cover the entire life cycle of operations in improving material efficiency. Our competence is based on wide-ranging process expertise, which we utilize across industrial sectors. We employ best practices from various industrial sectors and are able to help an early-stage start-up company just as well as an established industrial operator.

All of our work for improving efficiency takes into consideration both the quality and efficiency of production.

Digital solutions for enhancing customer operations

We help you in digitalizing your daily activities and provide our solid industrial expertise to support data-driven business development.

We utilize data analytics in order to recognize and create new information flows. This allows us to develop new operational models, services and business operations in an agile and reliable manner.

We provide you scalable and transparent analytics solutions regardless of the industry. Our core competencies are, for example, calculation automatization, data collection, creation of data storages, visualization or analytics.


We can provide you solid and versatile expertise in design and consulting. We would also gladly help speed up your transition towards a more sustainable future.

We have decades of experience in design and implementation of projects in a variety of industrial environments. Our strength lies in understanding the specific requirements of different industrial sectors and extensive competence in design, consulting and project management services.

We can also act as an EPCM consultant in your project, taking the responsibility for its entire implementation.

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