Drone scanning

We perform UAV scanning using the latest technology on the market reliably and quickly.

3D creation

Drone mapping can provide you with a 3D dataset of an object of your choosing.

Our drone mapping provides you with either a full-color 3D point cloud or a trianglated mesh model in your desired coordinate system. A plant coordinate system or a global coordinate system can be used.

Thermal imaging

We can equip our drone with a thermal imaging camera for purposes such as locating heat leaks or malfunctioning devices.

Thermal imaging will provide you with important information on your property. The imaging allows identifying heat leaks or defunct solar panels, as well as many other issues:

  • leaks and areas of heat loss
  • malfunctions in solar panels
  • shortcomings or damage in insulation
  • structures that have been exposed to humidity
  • plant energy leaks

Industrial inspections

We can provide imaging of structures that are high or otherwise difficult to approach easily using drones.

Illustrative images and video material will help you remain up to date on the status of your property’s structures and help you to respond to deviations quickly.

RTK positioning allows you to follow up on changing objects, as the imaging can be carried out again from exactly the same location.

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