Scaling up

We want to accelerate the implementation of industrial projects that promote the bioeconomy and circular economy. A key tool in this work is the scaling model we have developed.

We define up-scaling as the comprehensive set of measures you take to enhance the current level of your business activities. Technological solutions, process usability, risk management, and business models can all be subject to up-scaling. However, in the end, the success of scaling depends on the comprehensive understanding of the business as a whole.

The scaling model we have developed supports you through every phase of your scaling. It is based on our profound expertise: we have successfully scaled up numerous projects in various industrial sectors.

Our scaling model is especially helpful for managing risks during your scaling process.

Stages for successful up-scaling

Our scaling model is divided into the following six phases:

Scale Up Phases

On one hand, the idea is everything and, on the other hand, it is nothing. At this point, there should be room for creativity and flexible ways of navigating to the next phase.


Laboratory experiments provide information about phenomena and begin to define the parameters and possibilities. The first inklings of the idea’s feasibility are formed here through theoretical knowledge and mathematical simulations.

Pilot phase

During the pilot phase, the focus shifts towards technological solutions and the requirements for industrial production. It is essential to articulate the concept clearly to secure funding for the demonstration phase.

Demo phase

The demo phase enhances understanding of how industrial-scale production will work, especially regarding how the process can be implemented in an automated way. In addition, this phase improves the quality and other features of the end product to meet user needs in an optimal way.

Commercial phase

A concept in the commercial phase provides evidence that the idea is both financially and technologically feasible. The end product is further refined, and production becomes more streamlined and effective.


Scaling commercial-level plants to the global level falls under the domain of business development. The production and investment concepts are refined to their ultimate forms.

Why is it important to proceed with controlled steps in up-scaling?

Managed scaling has several benefits throughout the project:

  • It allows for controlled utilization of creativity at different project stages.
  • It ensures sufficient funding for each scaling step.
  • It facilitates the discovery of functional and technological solutions.
  • It reinforces controlled execution according to schedule and cost estimates at each project stage.
  • Last but not least, it allows managing project risks covering personal, environmental, and process safety

We provide seasoned support

We can assist you at every stage of your up-scaling. In the beginning, our consultants help you refine the idea and develop the necessary components to carry it forward into the following phase. Next, we fine-tune the idea for the pilot and demo phases, making it more appealing to financiers and stakeholders. Here we can utilize our extensive technological know-how combined with your expertise.

In the commercial phase, you can rely on our deep and established understanding of project management and implementation to define the crucial elements for the different parts of your project. This allows you to focus on developing your business model.

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7 tips for industrial scaling – beneficial for your colleagues as well

Industrial scaling involves all the measures that startups need to take in order to raise their operations to the next level: technological solutions, process technology and business models can all be scaled up. It is essential to know which measures and outputs are needed at each stage of scaling.

Elomatic has been a world-class trusted partner for Infinited Fiber Company

Elomatic has played a key role in building and developing Infinited Fiber Company’s pilot plants. For example, Elomatic helped select equipment for various parts of the process and consulted on how to best combine the equipment.

Elomatic helped VTT scale up a bio-based solution to replace packaging plastic

A transparent cellulose film, developed by VTT, is a more environmentally friendly option for plastic. It will help solve various plastic-related challenges. Elomatic played a big role in the development of the solution by creating the test machine line needed for manufacturing.


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