Consultation for floaters

Whether reshaping your current floater design or drafting your first concepts, we support you from scratch to detailed design.

Do you need help with your floater design and concept work? We are one of Scandinavia’s biggest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEM) consultancies. Our semi-submersible and spar know-how is based on our long-term experience in the offshore industry.

We help with your floater design in terms of stability, buoyancy, structural strength and mechanical rigidity, construction, launching and mooring concepts. We also back you up with experienced project management in offshore projects and site supervision in individual disciplines.

For gravity-based foundations, especially when considering steel constructions, we analyze your design for various conditions with respect to stability and structural strength – even ice. If you need a complete new design, we can work with you from idea to final design.

We recommend also taking a look at our unique foundation solution Float Foundation, which minimizes offshore liftings.

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