Ship Design

We provide the expertise for the entire design process from the first idea to the ship delivery. We focus on production-friendly design while ensuring an energy-efficient operation of the ship.

Ship design starts with the concept design, addressing the special shipowner requirements, validating the overall feasibility and the application of novel features applied. The concept also enables useful insights through the application of various advanced simulations, which we perform inhouse.

The starting point is the ship’s intended operation and requirements set for it. The new ship in question shall perform well in comparison with the current fleet. With the help of simulations, you can evaluate the earning potential of your new ship and develop the most important assets.

A technical design is not complete without a proper model to demonstrate it. Our Visualization Team creates a visually appealing model that may be used in images and animations showcasing the new features. In the newbuilding segment, we support you in the preparation of RfQ documents to tender your projects to shipyards. We even run and administrate your tender, analyze the incoming bids and support you in negotiating the shipbuilding contracts with shipyards.

We organize owner’s supplies or any other technical provision obligations you might have towards the shipbuilder during the design and construction phase. The most critical ones are usually the owner’s plan approval and site construction supervision activities, which we reliably perform.

In the early phase of a project, we may also predict the ship prices for various regions in the world. In later stages, we may scrutinize shipyard offers in terms of consistency and magnitude, determine the cost drivers and develop price reduction strategies.

Ship concepts

Our Ship Concept Design Team can demonstrate and implement new features and solutions for your ship projects. We put everything into practice in a competitive and environmentally friendly manner.

  • Our focus in concept design is on decarbonizing the shipping industry
  • We have expertise in all ship design disciplines
  • Our competence in hydrodynamics is widely recognized
  • Our extensive CFD calculation cluster supports our design

We have the skills and resources to create future ship concepts that focus on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly operations. Our expertise is based on a long tradition in ship design that covers all disciplines and design phases. Our processes utilize the most sophisticated methods and tools, such as simulations, CFD calculations and visualizations, all fed by a strong internal resource pools.

For example, we can analyze novel fuels and hybrid machinery solutions in different concepts. For local transport, direct battery-driven solutions may be the key, whereas a hydrogen-based solution might be a better option for short voyages. For deep-sea shipping, ammonia-based machinery might be a viable option.

We create ship concepts based on your initial requirements. Our services include all the necessary documentation and analysis for a feasible solution that enables the most energy efficient operations. The concept design is completed with a technical outline specification, selected drawings and diagrams.

The key phases

Defining the customer’s needs and finding the right solution
Assessing the potential novel technologies to be incorporated into the concept
Conducting a feasibility study of the ship
Creating the concept design, further discussions with shipyards and materializing the ship

Technology studies and solutions

New ships are often designed based on previous ships. However, our experience tells us that with disruptive rethinking, we can create completely new operating models.

  • Evaluating the feasibility of new ideas and features
  • Economical calculations
  • Showcasing the innovative solutions in the concept design

When looking for the next level of development, non-conventional solutions may provide bigger leaps forward than evolutionary solutions. Those leaps can be taken in the field of cargo handling, propulsion or any other topic related to ship design. We are always open to exploring opportunities beyond the state-of-the-art solutions of today.

Our way of working is to map ideas and novel solutions and to analyze their potential. Once assessed, we implement the ideas and demonstrate ship concepts, not forgetting real-life feasibility and economical viability.

The key phases

Mapping disruptive technologies
Choosing the technologies to be assessed
Analyzing the potential of technologies
Defining the technologies to be implemented in the concept design


Do you wish to promote your ship concept and demonstrate its special features to different parties? Our visualization services offer versatile methods to illustrate the properties of your concept.

  • Stunning photorealistic still images
  • Animations promote concept features
  • Simulate flows and demonstrate working areas

The starting point for creating a visualization model is the 3D model of your ship concept. Sometimes a simplified model is enough to demonstrate the special features of the ship, but sometimes you may prefer a more detailed model. By adding the material characteristics and elaborating the model’s outfitting to include visually important features, we can create a stunning visualization of the designed ship.

We also utilize a rendered model to create still images. Once created, the model may also be easily utilized in video clips, in which the features are demonstrated in a more illustrative way.

The utilization of the model can be taken to the next level by adding Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) features. Examples include mock-ups of a space with alternative layouts or different surface materials. We can even demonstrate technical procedures, such as maintenance workflows, using AR or VR.

For renderings, we utilize a huge calculation cluster. Working in close cooperation with technical partners, our Visualization Team can effectively produce all the visualizations needed for your project.

The key phases

Creating a feasible technical project
Modeling and rendering the concept using visualization tools
Creating an animation of the visualization model
Utilizing the model for AR or VR purposes

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