Product engineering and development

We offer solutions and support for individual production development needs – regardless of whether your issue concerns a machine, a device or an entire factory.

When it comes to engineering production machines and devices or factories, our competence covers large-scale and challenging entities. We also offer support and management services for projects. Our services include everything from concept workshops to planning and procurements and the deployment of the machine or factory (EPCM). We can also include E & A, HVAC and HSE engineering in the project.

As Elomatic has a long history and our services include several competence areas, we have the skills to develop machines and factories  to ensure the desired results. Our services cover fields such as structural analysis, simulation and visualizations

Mechanical and manufacturing engineering

Through multisectoral planning and expert solutions, we meet the needs of your industrial business operations. We are responsible for your entire product development project – from innovation to production engineering.

We have over five decades of experience in providing different industry sectors with mechanics and manufacture planning. The starting point of our operations is always your needs, which means that our engineering is always precise, reliable and of high quality. We also provide support in project management and have the competence to produce ready overall solutions to develop your business operations. 

You can also order engineering and expert services for different product entities and structures.

Our services include the following competence areas:

  • innovation and preliminary engineering
  • preparation of product and production concepts
  • material selections
  • product design and designs production
  • usability engineering and industrial design
  • simulation and technological analyses
  • testing, validation and creation of prototypes
  • engineering of manufacture and production
  • installation supervision and implementation
  • project management.

Product development

We help you develop your product from an idea to production and to the market. For this, we have a multisectoral team that includes several experts of planning and product development.

In product development, we offer assistance from the first idea of the product to the commercialization of the product. We ensure the successfulness of our development projects through multisectoral work and we use project management, simulation and our systematic development process to stay on schedule and budget. 

In development projects, we provide creative innovation and problem solving, product concepts, industrial designing, mechanical engineering, technical analysis, usability planning, and production tool planning.

Successful product development requires that we understand you and your stakeholders. It is important to us that we can operate responsibly in a manner that increases the wellbeing of people and the environment.   

As part of the product development projects we take care of legal matters, such as patenting and other protective mechanisms. Cooperation with us is effortless because we realize and implement product development with one contract.

Product support services

In addition to mechanical and manufacturing engineering, we can support your success in development projects and engineering solutions through a wide range of different support services such as technical calculation.

We implement engineering and services concerning consumer and professional products, devices, machines, machine systems and production, from individual deliveries to large-scale development projects.

In addition to mechanical and manufacturing engineering services, we offer an extensive range of services related to:

  • material technology
  • sustainable engineering
  • technical analysis
  • safety
  • electricity
  • automation and electronics engineering
  • embedded systems
  • industrial design
  • intellectual property rights
  • prototypes
  • graphic design
  • usability
  • visualization
  • procurement
  • project management.

We find the competence and operations models suitable for your needs through our customer-oriented and flexible operations.


Are you looking for new solutions for your products, production or business operations? Regardless of whether the issue is with a machine, service or factory, our expertise solve any business challenges.

It is important to us that we understand the world and market in which our customers operate, now and in the future. We need to see the situation from the perspective of technology and business operations as well as the perspective of the environment and responsibility. We have long-term relationships with several of our customers. As we have gained experience, we have refined our expertise and methods so that they serve our clients as well as possible in challenges related to their operations.

We will engage the appropriate experts to solve the challenges you are facing, we will build a cooperation model that suits your operations, and we will provide you with a systematic development process and project management with which we will support the successful solving of planning and development issues.

We offer solutions for the following business units: pulp and paper, industrial machines and devices, transportation and lifting, aviation, mining and material processing, energy and power transmission, electrical engineering, consumer products, environmental engineering, pharma, shipping, and innovation development.