Engineering services

Do you need solid and versatile engineering competence? We have the expertise for even the most demanding projects.


We have experience in successful projects in a variety of industrial environments. We have carried out demanding plant design projects and are able to utilize our understanding of the special characteristics of different industrial sectors.

Our extensive selection includes engineering services ranging from process and plant design to HVAC and building design. In addition, we offer comprehensive solutions to electrical, instrumentation and automation design.

Process design

Do you need a reliable partner for process design? We have years of experience in process design in a variety of industrial environments.

Process expertise will become increasingly important in the future, especially in clean energy and circular economy projects. We have carried out projects in many fields, including energy, process, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry.

We always define process or plant functionality according to quality requirements and collect the necessary initial data for the following engineering phases. We also create the basis for process control and consider all important areas of process safety.

  • Preliminary studies and cost estimates
  • Mapping out the applicable technology and unit processes
  • Process simulation, energy and mass balances
  • Process and equipment dimensioning
  • Process flow and P&I diagrams
  • Consumable requirements and systems
  • Risk assessments (HAZOP and ATEX)
  • Process and operation descriptions
  • Instruction manuals

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Plant design

We offer state-ot-the art solutions for your plant design projects. We know how to work even in more challenging operating environments.

We design a plant in a way that minimizes construction site work and accounts for installation, hauling and maintenance spaces in an appropriate way. We have experience in carrying out demanding plant design projects, where our work has included developing the plant’s availability, safety and interior logistics.

Our expertise with challenging operating environments includes:

  • hygienic pipelines
  • high-pressure pipelines
  • clean rooms, ATEX environments
  • specialty pipes (plastic, glass fiber, glass)
  • Layout and construction task planning
  • Piping and duct design
  • Equipment design
  • Pressure vessel design
  • Maintenance platform and steel structure design
  • Plant level modelling and 3D model management

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Construction design

Do you need a reliable partner for construction design? Our expertise will give your plant project a form for construction.

Together with our partners, we offer you the following services according to your needs:

  • architectural and principal design
  • foundation and structural design
  • contract cost calculation services
  • special construction services, such as noise calculation and life cycle calculation
  • services during construction phase.

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Heikki Nieminen

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HVAC design

Our HVAC design services combine our extensive experience and knowledge on the special requirements of different industries.

We have long-term experience with demanding HVAC design projects in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry as well as the mechanical and marine industries. We are also familiar with HVAC design projects for public and commercial premises.

We offer special HVAC design expertise in the following fields: 

  • potentially explosive atmosphere areas (ATEX)
  • clean rooms and controlled areas
  • climate control in an industrial environment
  • dust control and local exhaust ventilation.

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Jussi-Matti Leppälä

Sales Manager


Electrical, instrumentation and automation design

We offer comprehensive solutions for industrial electrical, instrumentation and automation design.

We understand the industrial operations requirements for electrical and automation solutions, and we can also support you in challenging projects. Our IT expertise and data-driven, knowledge-based management services complete our package – we have everything you need in one place.

We have experience in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp, paperboard and paper industry as well as in the mechanical engineering and machine works sectors.

  • Infrastructure services
  • Software applications
  • Electrifications
  • Network simulation services
  • Process and building electricity
  • Instrumentation
  • Automation systems
  • User interfaces
  • MES
  • IT application services
  • IT infrastructure services.

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Project & Sales Manager