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In addition to mechanical and manufacturing engineering, we can support your success in development projects and engineering solutions through a wide range of different support services such as technical analysis.

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Industrial design

Design is born out of understanding the world around us and our opportunities. We transform these into a commercial product that fills both your and the end-user’s needs.

High-quality design increases the attractiveness and profitability of a product. Furthermore, it is a means to significantly increase a company’s value.

We think good design is based on the ability understand the value a product has for society, the environment, the user, and our customers and their business. We can help you transform the value added by design into a profitable part of your business.

For a product to find success in the market, we will use industrial design to ensure and see through its visual appearance, usability, technology, functionality, and durability. Our design is based on information gathered from research data and participatory methods to develop products that fulfil their purpose and are attractive.

Our areas of expertise are user and customer surveys and preliminary design, participatory workshops, ideation and innovation methods, industrial design and 3D design, UI, UX, and service design product graphics and visualization, prototypes and model creation, design, product and service strategies, visions, and brand image planning, design management, guidelines, and analyses as well as support and consulting services.

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