Product support services

In addition to mechanical and manufacturing engineering, we can support your success in development projects and engineering solutions through a wide range of different support services such as technical analysis.

We implement engineering and services concerning consumer and professional products, devices, machines, machine systems and production, from individual deliveries to large-scale development projects.

In addition to mechanical and manufacturing engineering services, we offer an extensive range of services related to material technology, sustainable engineering, technical analysis, safety, electricity, automation and electronics engineering, embedded systems, industrial design, intellectual property rights, prototypes, graphic design, usability, visualization, procurement, and project management.

We find the competence and operations models suitable for your needs through our customer-oriented and flexible operations.

  • Over 300 experts.
  • Experience in the diverse utilization of competence in the engineering and development projects for products and production.
  • Managing the overall solution through high-quality project management.

Engineering analysis 

Simulation allows us to develop more energy efficient and safer products and processes. This means we can ensure the functionality and optimal performance of your machinery and equipment.

  • Simulation saves time and money.
  • Structural analysis can eliminate the need for making prototypes.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics allows us to examine processes that are expensive or entirely impossible to measure with traditional methods.
  • By ensuring structural integrity in early stages of the design project, we can avoid expensive and even hazardous design flaws later in the process.

Analysis of structural and flow calculations, conduct via simulation, produce vital information on the examined device or process. This allows you to learn about the way a process, machine, or structure works at the early stages of your product development project.

Simulation allows you to impact the use of material: by optimizing the weight, material use, and energy consumption of the product you can make the product more ecological. This means you can offer significant savings to your customers during the life span of the product.

Our simulation models allow you to test new ideas without having to build various prototypes. Functional issues can also be identified using simulation. By solving issues using technology long pauses in manufacturing and maintenance shutdowns can be prevented. We can test and analyze corrective solutions with a simulation as our designs are created using a 3D CAD system.

Simulation results in a functional, safe, and environmentally friendly product.

HSE services

Machinery safety and the national and international regulations must be considered at the very beginning of the development project. Our specialists can help you and provide perspective regarding machinery safety regulations.

The safety of machinery and substances used in production is important for the working environment as well as for the employees. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires the machine or production line to hold a CE label before it is handed over to employees.

Safety, usability, and efficient operations also increase productivity. That is why assessment of production-related risks and documentation as required by regulations are an important part of development projects.

Safe machinery is designed by taking into consideration the risks related to usage and maintenance already at the very beginning of the project. Similarly, the safety of the production environment must be considered at various stages of development projects.

You can utilize our machinery safety services in machinery design projects, in procurement of machinery and production lines, procurement of machinery and equipment for production lines as well as projects aimed at modernizing production. We also organize tailored training courses for our customers regarding the machinery directive and CE marking.

  • Machinery and production line risk assessment and functional safety assessment.
  • Machinery and production line compliance assessment.
  • Definition of machinery-related safety specifications, taking into consideration conditions and equipment-specific requirements.
  • Revisions to old machinery, preserving safety and compliance.
  • Risk assessments and ensuring safety and compliance of machinery in use.
  • Producing the documentation for the various phases of a design project required by the machinery directive.

Machinery automation

Automation allows you reach the optimal efficiency of machinery and equipment. Automation and sensing are in the core when collecting data throughout the life cycle of the equipment required by reliable operations.

  • We can apply successful solutions to various industrial sectors.
  • A team of automation engineers, mechanical engineers, and computational experts will be formed for a development project.
  • The simulations based on technical analysis carried out during the development project provide a basis for system design and model-based development.

In machinery design project, we have complete skills to design the electrification and control systems. In the case of machinery and production lines, the system is formed by a power supply system, machinery electrical equipment, instruments, and sensors as well as machine control and user interface.

Data produced by production machinery is saved in databases, from which the data is transferred to your company’s manufacturing execution system (MES). Throughout the development project, we will ensure that the automation system meets the relevant machinery safety requirements.

Our typical automation design services are:

  • concept design
  • cost estimates
  • electrical and automation design
  • instrumentation design
  • request for a quotations and quotation comparison
  • Supervising the delivery and installation of systems
  • automation system testing
  • system commissioning, related support, and consultation.

Sustainable design and research

We use sustainable design to solve challenges related to the environment and limited resources. Sustainable design makes our operations ecologically and financially strong and competitive.

  • Environmental assessment helps us understand the environmental impact of your products, reduce their possible adverse effects, and design them to be more environmentally friendly.
  • We help you develop a competitive product or service cost-effectively and on schedule, and make your products ecologically sustainable and resource-efficient.

One of our key tasks is to design and implement solutions that improve the well-being of the environment and people. We have designed and implemented various solutions in the production of ecological textile fiber, renewable energy production, waste processing, recycled materials, and recycled fertilizer plants.

We help our customers focus on sustainable business to improve their products and production. In practice, this means that we collaborate closely in all stages of production: preliminary design, basic and implementation design, procurement, implementation, monitoring installation, and commissioning. Our varied expertise can also help in the various stages of product development.

We have invested especially in expertise related to sustainable study, ideation, and concept design, because decisions made at the very beginning of a product’s life cycle have a significant effect on its environmental impact, responsibility, and sustainability throughout the life cycle.

Industrial design

Design is born out of understanding the world around us and our opportunities. We transform these into a commercial product that fills both your and the end-user’s needs.

High-quality design increases the attractiveness and profitability of a product. Furthermore, it is a means to significantly increase a company’s value.

We think good design is based on the ability understand the value a product has for society, the environment, the user, and our customers and their business. We can help you transform the value added by design into a profitable part of your business.

For a product to find success in the market, we will use industrial design to ensure and see through its visual appearance, usability, technology, functionality, and durability. Our design is based on information gathered from research data and participatory methods to develop products that fulfil their purpose and are attractive.

Our areas of expertise are user and customer surveys and preliminary design, participatory workshops, ideation and innovation methods, industrial design and 3D design, UI, UX, and service design product graphics and visualization, prototypes and model creation, design, product and service strategies, visions, and brand image planning, design management, guidelines, and analyses as well as support and consulting services.

Development services

To complement our solid engineering know-how, we offer development competence that we use to ensure the success of the designed product and its development process in accordance with requirements and as comprehensively as possible.

  • Participatory group work methods
  • Multi-industrially based ideation and concept design
  • IPR and inventiveness services
  • Outline models, rapid and full prototypes
  • Usability services
  • Visualization services

We use our studies to produce data to meet your and the users’ needs and provide perspectives for products design. Methods such as group work, problem solving, ideation, and concept design allow us to create new and innovative solutions.

We can also help with inventiveness and in protecting the copyrights and IPR of your products. Our usability services allow us to dig into issues with both user interfaces and the user experience.

We provide product models as well as rapid and full prototypes either in-house or as subcontracting to support our product development. We can implement digital applications, product visualizations, animations, and videos for use in the development and commercialization of products.


We implement procurement-related development projects for various sectors: we have experience in the procurement of various technologies as procurement projects at various scales.

  • Production of quotation documents
  • Requests for quotation
  • Vendor selection
  • Procurement negotiations
  • Agreement follow-up
  • Supervision of deliveries, installations and commissioning

Identifying critical procurement is a key part of any development project and procurement management. We plan and implement the content of each development project always specific to the project at hand and in accordance with your needs. You, the customer, will always be provided with the documentation created during the project.

Phases of our process include procurement planning, execution, and management. The main goal of procurement management is to process all procurements systematically and at the right time.

Project management

Would you like to reduce your project management workload? By ordering project management from us, we can ensure that your project is conducted efficiently, economically and with high quality.

  • Product development projects
  • Design projects
  • EPCM projects
  • EPC turnkey projects

Although the scope, division of roles, and responsibilities of our projects always vary, the operational models of work management and execution are always consistent in all our projects: each project managed by us is carried out by a designated project organization lead by a project manager.

Our project manager ensures that your project is carried out smoothly, with high quality and within the agreed schedule and budget. Our internal project management function guarantees consistent project management across all our locations and business areas.

The client and our project manager will draw up the project schedule together. We define how the project management and reporting will be carried out, based on the scope of the project and the client’s needs. Our available project management methods and project documentation reduce the number of resources required significantly.

For projects of significant scope, a project steering group will be established between our organizations.

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