Factory investments

We implement factory investment projects from concept planning to deployment. We implement our factory projects with a multisectoral team and professional skill obtained through extensive experience.

When it comes to factory investment projects, our competence covers layout and construction engineering, technology selection, device engineering, project management and outsourcing services.

The investment process for a factory is gradual and its content and stages are agreed according to the needs of the client. The process usually starts with the development of the concept, which provides both parties with the same basis of knowledge for the rest of the project. 

Our services include all relevant engineering and competence areas, from the concept to the deployed factory.

  • With simulation, we ensure the functionality of the planned production concept.
  • In challenging projects, we utilize workshops to find solutions.
  • Turnkey solutions (EPCM) provide project implementation with flexibility.

Factory concepts

Our factory concept studies create a solid basis for your investment project or strategical planning, whether you are dealing with greenfield or brownfield plan for line, department or the entire factory.

  • Simulation can be used to verify performance and material flow.
  • The project might include calculating implementation costs and scheduling.
  • We also have high-level visualization and animation services, which we can utilise to help communicate the concept idea for stakeholders.

At Elomatic, we have the expertise to cover all the steps that factory concept engineering requires. Typically, we start the process with workshops together with our client. Here the initial data and relevant information is collected and agreed on, including targets, business variables, product and technology.

After this we have a common understanding of the project scope, and the concept project plan can be created. This serves as a solid base for starting the work.

Whatever your project requires at this point, we will deliver. It can include process maps, layouts (2D or 3D), simulations, cost estimates and scheduling.

Technical sourcing

We at Elomatic can ease your procurement process for machines, lines or factories – starting from the basic document development to commissioning.

  • NDAs and NDA process
  • Contracts and contract terms to approach potential suppliers
  • From technical specifications and budget request for quotes to the final offer

When starting a procurement process, together we will agree the extent and role we play in the process, identifying the best possible solution for your project.

Procurement of technical machinery consist of several steps which all include precise management of documentation and its content – all of which we can take care of. Typically, the process includes technical specification of details, customer specific appendices for electrics and automation, HVAC, HSE and commercial terms for the purchase.

Development of technical specification typically includes space requirement (2D or 3D layouts) and performance and utility demands. Based on the prepared documentation, we can approach the suppliers, handle the supplier communication and evaluate the most potential suppliers together with you.

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