Key figures for production

A good understanding of the normal state is the basis for efficient and high-quality production. Tracking the right key figures will get you some of the way, but when you truly understand the background behind the figures, your everyday communications will become much more effective.

Managing production data and its history is challenging due to the fragmentation of the industrial environment. Advanced key figure management consists of many different areas, but according to our experience, the most important factors are:

  • ownership
  • measurements used for the key figures
  • quality of the data
  • calculation formulas
  • clear language
  • causal relationships of key figures

Our measurement signal validation solution ensures the quality of the data used for calculations and highlights deviations in other measurements.

Our key figure service helps you improve the traceability of calculations, reduce human error and ensure the silent recording of information. Our solution is based on a visual user interface that allows you to view the trends for key figures and the reasons behind them. With the help of our service, you can identify the normal state of production and make your organization’s decision-making more effective. In addition, it brings meaning to your day-to-day production operations.


Easy to understand

Helps you grasp the meanings and causal relationships of key figures.


Helps promote a common understanding throughout your organization.


The data has a clear owner.


Online calculations save time for your production team.


View key figures from the top level all the way down to individual measurements.

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