Structural Analysis

With our structural analysis, you can ensure the strength and functionality of a structure without expensive oversizing. The design process becomes quicker as well.

By ensuring structural strength early in the design phase, you can avoid expensive and potentially dangerous design errors later on. At best, our structural analysis helps you to avoid the production of prototypes altogether, thereby saving time.

Our services are comprehensive, and we are a well-known operator and reliable partner in demanding analysis projects. Our professionals have experience from thousands of structural analysis projects, including vibration, fatigue and thermal analysis as well as nonlinear and time-dependent analysis in accordance with various standards.

Based on the results, we report in a clear manner on what loads can be approved for the structure and make recommendations as necessary. According to the need, we provide the analysis by using numerical methods (FEM analysis) or analytical methods.

Structural analysis should be an obvious choice in

  • Classification
  • Product development
  • Concept studies
  • Optimization
  • Risk analysis
  • Troubleshooting

Benefits of structural analysis

  • Fulfilling regulations
  • More reliable structures
  • Savings in manufacturing and product life-cycle costs
  • Decreased need for prototypes
  • Handy comparison of alternatives
  • Savings in product development time
  • Prediction of overall performance
  • Efficient decision-making support
  • Enhanced environmental friendliness
  • Increased knowledge of the final product or process

Structural analysis in the machinery and equipment manufacturing

Our structural analysis helps you to ensure your product’s competitiveness. Expert structural analysis ensures the safety of the structure without expensive oversizing.

Our industry competence on machinery and equipment industry ensure both cost efficiency and timely execution of the most complex analysis project.

We have provided structural analysis services for the machinery and equipment industry since the 1970s. While the analysis tools and methods have improved and the computational capacity of the computers has increased over the years, the basic analysis principles have remained the same.

We can define basis of design for your product, analyze the structure and, if necessary, come up with suggestions for improvement and a report regarding adherence to the requirements.

Structural analysis in the process and energy industry

Ensure the safe use of your equipment or process or improve competitiveness through our structural analysis services.

We offer structural, thermal, vibration, seismic and fatigue analysis for operators in the process and energy industry. Our analysis service may include analysis of steel structures, pressure equipment or piping as well as seismic analyses according to the seismic standards of the country concerned. We also provide compliance evaluations for the nuclear power industry.

Typical applications include different boilers, reactors, tanks, fans, generators and heat exchangers. With our competence, you can ensure the safe use of your equipment or process or improve your competitiveness as part of product development.

Structural analysis in the marine industry

With over 30 years of experience, we provide structural analysis service for small and large marine projects. A commission may include structural analysis for a single structure or analysis of the entire hull.

We can help you optimize the details of your vessel or offshore structures at the component level. We also have the capacity to provide analysis for the entire hull (strength, stability and vibration). Structural analysis can be used at the early stages of the design project, which makes for a more effective detection of aspects to improve upon and a quicker assessment of the most suitable design concept.

Regarding the direct analysis methods, such as FE analysis, we have experience on the application of DNV-GL, ABS, CSR and Bureau Veritas guidelines. The goal may be weight savings, comfort of travel, a longer life cycle or the demonstration of the adherence to the regulation of the completed structure.

Our industry competence includes various hull structures, cranes, winches, masts, propulsors, generators, retrofit projects and the specification of loads and definition of design criteria (for instance wind, wave and ice loads).

Structural analysis in aerospace and lightweight structures

We offer reliable structural analysis for composite and lightweight structures. Our service also includes repair analyses.

Your commission may include structural strength analysis for composite structures in various aerospace and lightweight applications. Our analysis services cover material model generation and optimization for lightweight structures as well as hybrid structures, aluminum and steel composite structures.

In cooperation with our composite designers, the project can also include phases from the feasibility study all the way to sketching. For existing structures, we offer repair and modification analysis to prolong their life cycle.

Analysis capabilities and applications

Do you need analysis services for complex physical or mechanical behavior?

In addition to analysis services, we provide research on complex physical phenomena through modeling, whether it be unusual loads, complex materials, exceptional load circumstances or just simplification of complex phenomena. For instance, more precise modeling of vibration and fatigue may also require taking into account the fluid-structure interaction (FSI) in the models.

We mainly use commercial software as our analysis tools. These include Abaqus, Ansys, Nastran, Radioss, Optistruct, MotionSolve and Hypermesh. In steel structure and piping analysis, we use Robot, Tekla, Rohr2 and Finnsap.

According to your need, the functionality of the commercial software can be tailored, or the entire project can be carried out using various programming and analysis tools, such as Matlab, Python or Mathcad.

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