Structural analysis in the machinery and equipment manufacturing

Our structural analysis helps you to ensure your product’s competitiveness. Expert structural analysis ensures the safety of the structure without expensive oversizing.

Our industry competence on machinery and equipment industry ensure both cost efficiency and timely execution of the most complex analysis project.

We have provided structural analysis services for the machinery and equipment industry since the 1970s. While the analysis tools and methods have improved and the computational capacity of the computers has increased over the years, the basic analysis principles have remained the same.

We can define basis of design for your product, analyze the structure and, if necessary, come up with suggestions for improvement and a report regarding adherence to the requirements.


  • Paper machines 
  • Cranes – container gantry cranes, excavator-loaders, shipbuilding gantry cranes, ship gantry cranes, aerial access platforms, lifting aids
  • Vehicles – tractors, mining vehicles, harvesters, trailers

The key phases

Initial information from the client, for example, a design model in any format
Review of the initial information, devising the analysis model
Analysis of the results, possible suggestions for development
Final report that includes a description of the analysis, the criteria for acceptance, relevant results, conclusions and a summary

Structural analysis for cranes and lifting equipment

Our structural analysis service allows you to create a product with properties that will set it apart from competitors.

  • Safe and reliable structure
  • Increased overall competitiveness
  • Longer reach / increased rated load
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Weight and material savings
  • Compliance with requirements

We offer a variety of structural analysis services for lifting equipment manufacturers. We ensure the reliability of structures and help in meeting various product development goals. Your goal could be ensuring competitiveness by weight reduction, increasing reach or change of material.

We can join the project in the early stages of design, carry out an initial analysis to find suitable load cases and give an early insight into the product behavior. We can test new concepts quickly in a virtual environment. In addition, we can troubleshoot existing structures.

Some examples of applicable standards include:

  • DNV, Norsok
  • E.M 1.001, CMAA 70, 74
  • EN 13001, EN 15011, EN 1993-6, EN 13155
  • EN 280, different international standards

Our industry expertise comprises various crane types, such as mobile cranes, overhead cranes, container handling cranes, offshore cranes and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). We have designed and analyzed different shipbuilding, container gantry and gantry grab cranes since 1976 and shipboard gantry cranes since 1997.

  • Lifting capacity of shipbuilding cranes has been between 300 and 1,800 tons
  • The effective span has varied up to 200 meters and the lifting height up to 114 meters
  • Lifting capacity of container and gantry grab cranes has been 40–65 tons
  • Lifting capacity of shipboard polyp grab cranes has been 40 to 68 tons

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