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Our employees are the key to our success, and we treat them with respect. Hear from those who know it best – here are some perspectives from the inside.

Olli Yli-Viikari

Olli Yli-Viikari,
Project Manager

As Elomatic’s project manager, I solve problems and help others do their work as well as possible: the job is a lot of people management and keeping large entities together. I have always been approachable and calm, which I feel are essential features for success in my work. I want to constantly learn new things and it is important to me that all projects are carried through to the finish line.

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Meet Teemu Turunen

Teemu Turunen,
Business Development Director 

My path led to Elomatic through people and coincidences. My education and work experience taught me a consultative approach, which I need in my work as a business development director working with energy solutions and the bio- and circular economy on a daily basis. Also, I have a desire to save the world. I work on energy solutions so that we can make this planet a better place for future generations.” 

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‘A day in the life’ at Elomatic

Chloe Farrell,
Junior Naval Architect

I have been working on the Polar Icebreaker Project, focusing specifically on the General Arrangement Drawing (GA), which is essentially a technical drawing that shows the layout of a vessel. I’ve also been working on a lot of safety systems drawings for the Icebreaker. These arrangements include, the fire zone arrangement, escape plan, as well as hazardous areas. I’ve also been working with the team that are focused on noise and vibration work for the Polar Icebreaker, so I feel like I’ve had some great exposure to some interesting areas.

Chloe’s Day

Teemu Tuomisto

Teemu Tuomisto,
Project Manager

As a project manager in marine and offshore energy at Elomatic, no day is the same as we work in an industry that is rapidly evolving and developing. With a background in naval architecture and over 11 years of industry experience, I now find myself in a role that I am not just proud of but genuinely excited about.

Teemu’s Day

Adam Miszewski

Adam Miszewski,
Project Manager

To succeed and grow in this environment, you need to be willing to show your talents and be eager to learn. Asking questions, searching for ideas, and remaining curious is an important part of this job. That’s why I feel it’s so important to encourage innovation and nurture new talent. Developing the culture of collaboration at Elomatic promotes an environment where creativity begins.

Adam’s Day

Adam Miszewski

René Fiege,
Managing Director

Workshops play a crucial role in understanding existing processes, identifying improvement potentials, and proposing tailored solutions. On a typical day, I collaborate closely with customer teams to develop optimal solutions that not only enhance processes but also address their specific needs. It’s a continuous improvement process, with each workshop offering new insights and opportunities for growth through this mentoring.

René’s Day

What we do

Elomatic has over 50 years of experience in demanding engineering and consulting tasks, as well as project management. Our global network of experts ensures that we can support you in all phases of your project and respond to changes quickly. We focus on solutions that improve the well-being of people and the environment.

Career Stories

Meet Our Matti Rauma

Matti Rauma,
Senior Consulting Engineer

The best thing about Elomatic as an employer is the flexible attitude and trust in the employee. Flexible working hours and remote working opportunities have enabled me to have a running career at the Finnish championship level. Beside work I have had time to run for more than 7,000 km per year. I’ve worked remotely from training camps in Arizona, South Africa, Portugal and Spain.

I would encourage future employees to take on tasks with a brisk attitude. The things taught in school are certainly useful, but the best way to learn the work is to do it. Co-workers help with new things and surprisingly quickly the work starts to go smoothly.

Matti’s Story

Meet Our Teemu Jernfors

Teemu Jernfors,
Senior Design Engineer

At Elomatic, there are plenty of helpful and experienced colleagues who are happy to share their know-how and guide an engineer who is looking to develop.

Teemu’s Story

Vision, strategy and values

The purpose of Elomatic is to design solutions that increase environmental and human wellbeing and improve the competitiveness of our customers. We are constantly developing our top competence for the benefit of our customers.

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Our Story

It wasn’t until 1970 when our founder Ari Elo realized that the key to success lies in the details. A project that started with four people and a dust filter soon grew into something much bigger.

Throughout the decades, we have become a forerunner of technological revolutions. Now, one project at a time, our almost 1300 professionals bring visions of the future alive with ground-breaking engineering solutions.

The history of Elomatic comes full circle, as global perspectives on sustainable development and circular economy still work as the cornerstones of our principles.

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We offer you the opportunity to work on demanding and rewarding projects in an international design environment.

If you want to work in a company that is a pioneer in the development of design methods and technology and where both the well-being of the environment and the contribution of the personnel are appreciated, Elomatic is the perfect workplace for you.

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Process & Energy Consultant
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Vehicle Electrical Designer
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