‘A day in the life’ at Elomatic

Teemu Tuomisto, Project Manager in Marine and Offshore Energy

As a project manager in marine and offshore energy at Elomatic, no day is the same as we work in an industry that is rapidly evolving and developing. With a background in naval architecture and over 11 years of industry experience, I now find myself in a role that I am not just proud of but genuinely excited about.

Each day at Elomatic provides new and complex challenges to navigate, with a variety of meetings, both in-person and virtual, where I engage with both our company teams and clients. At Elomatic, we have the added complexity of managing projects across different time zones, especially with our endeavours in Canada. One day I can be discussing our new Polar Ice Breaker project where we are designing vessels that will need to operate in the iciest conditions and the next, I could be working on retrofitting existing vessels to improve their carbon footprint. I enjoy the variety of the projects but also the teams that I get to work with.

My role includes overseeing the progression of projects, ensuring resource allocation is efficient, and that we are meeting the set targets, both internally and externally. Collaborating closely with the on-site customer team to plan and manage project-related aspects is both stimulating and fulfilling – and is often a juggling act!

Participating in the Canadian Polar Icebreaker project has been an extraordinary experience and definitely a pivotal point in my career path. The initial design phase started in 2021, as a collaboration between Elomatic, Aker Arctic, and Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards (VSY).

Our objective during this phase was to evaluate the vessel’s concept and identify potential enhancements to ensure it incorporates state-of-the-art technology and is capable of thriving in the harshest and unpredictable Arctic conditions, overcoming the limited refuelling alternatives of the remote nature, and complying with the regulation on an evolving regulatory landscape, to mention some of the most important challenges we considered at this stage.

The successful completion of the basic design phase of the icebreaker was followed by the FD (Functional Design) phase contract which was signed early 2023. Today we are excited to say that there is further continuation in our journey due to the recently signed contract for the PD (Production Design) phase. This ensures Elomatic’s and VSY’s already long-term collaboration extends even further and represents again a major milestone for Elomatic’s strategic development to continue expanding business in Canada.

I am truly honoured to lead a project of this magnitude and feel privilege to be a part of Elomatic’s team. Our selection as a key engineering partner by VSY reflects our company’s engineering, design, and consultancy expertise, and we take great pride in contributing to such an important and complex project.

The key to success in the design and engineering sector, specifically in the marine and offshore sector is to be adaptable, proactive, and a strong communicator. Taking calculated risks and proactively demonstrating your expertise is encouraged. At Elomatic, it’s a culture of empowerment and growth.

For me, what’s particularly inspiring about working in the marine industry today is that it stands at the forefront of change and innovation, helping to create more environmentally friendly solutions to help the whole sector to decarbonize. The increasing complexity of equipment and regulations, along with the desire for operational excellence from our customers calls for the best engineers and consultants.

I appreciate the level of autonomy my role affords, the profound impact my work has on the industry, and the consistent recognition we receive from clients and our industry peers. Elomatic is more than just a workplace; it feels like a family. The flexibility in our working environment is also a key element for me.

It genuinely feels great to be a part of a company that is making a difference to the future of ship design. I look forward to many more years of positive impact and personal growth.

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