Elomatic´s close collaboration together with Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards continues in Canada

Elomatic Consulting Inc continues its journey together with Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards (VSY). Elomatic will continue engineering the new Polar icebreaker to serve the Canadian Coast Guard and we will be responsible for a major part of the vessel’s functional design. The construction engineering phase is scheduled for completion by the end of 2025.

Following the successful completion of the basic design phase of the project, Elomatic will continue close collaboration with VSY into the next design phase. The new contract represents a major milestone for Elomatic’s strategic development to continue expanding business in Canada. The deal ensures long-term collaboration with VSY. Elomatic is not only engineering the ship but also supporting the shipyard in improving their shipbuilding processes.

The new Polar icebreaker will be the largest in the Canadian Coast Guard’s fleet and plans to operate throughout the year to support the country’s sovereignty and security. The vessel will be approximately 150 meters in length, have a top speed of over 18 knots and accommodate up to 100 crew and personnel. Its operational range of about 30,000 nautical miles enables the icebreaker to stay in the Arctic for longer durations and allows the Coast Guard to have a year-round presence.

The Polar program is categorized as a defense sector project and therefore has 100% Canadian Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) obligations. Elomatic is committed to comply with the IRB requirements. The company sees excellent opportunities to further develop business and invest back in Canada as well as offer new opportunities for Canadians, with several innovative initiatives already ongoing.

“We appreciate being selected as a key engineering partner and to support the shipyard in improving their shipbuilding processes. Considering the demanding vessel project prototype, our continued collaboration demonstrates that our expertise is highly valued,” says Rami Hirsimäki, Senior Vice President, Marine & Offshore Energy of Elomatic

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