‘A day in the life’ at Elomatic

Adam Miszewski, Project Manager in Marine and Offshore Energy

Over the last 15 years spent working at Elomatic, I have helped to navigate complex challenges in the maritime industry. My journey with Elomatic started in May 2009, after the Managing Director of the Gdansk office invited me to join, due to my significant experience in shipyards, which has spanned two decades.

Prior to Elomatic, I developed my skills and expertise in a large shipyard, where I progressed from Designer’s Assistant to General Designer, whilst also working as a Software Administrator and Trainer. The diversity of this role enabled me to progress quickly as a designer, learn new shipbuilding software skills, and participate in the software implementation process in the shipyard, including leading training sessions to my peers, some of which were earlier on in their careers, and some were more experienced. This laid the foundation for my transition to the Elomatic team. When I joined, I took on a variety of different roles, including Department Manager, Project Supervisor, Piping Specialist, Project Manager and helping to recruit the next generation of designers.

Using my previous experience in shipyards to teach designers new to the industry was a rewarding experience, and it’s a testament to Elomatic that we see many of those young recruits returning later in their careers.

An evolving design process

The evolution of the engineering processes, made possible due to technological advancement, has opened up new horizons for highly complex projects, but they have also highlighted the challenges that must be navigated. For example, whilst working at the shipyard, an entire project was often brought to life in one design office. We had specialists in all of the technical areas of ship design and the knowledge was passed through generations of designers within the company. Whenever we needed to agree some design aspects, we could ask a colleague and have a resolution quickly. It was much more of a traditional “centralized design process”. However, as the industry has evolved and there are multiple teams in offices across the world working on one project. It is more important than ever to ensure you have the right partners.

The value of this is also determined by the team you are working with and ensuring the technical capabilities assigned to the project are carefully considered before a project starts. Technology allows for a wider range of engineers to be involved, with a broader range of experience, but it is crucial that the team also gels and works well together, even if we are thousands of miles apart.

The Icon of the Seas cruise ship project depended on us working collaboratively with a range of partners. As ship owners look for new and more ecological solutions to meet the decarbonization goals set by the IMO, a challenge set for designers and engineers is to develop the solutions fulfilling these new requirements.

The Icon of the Seas is a vast cruise ship notable for its capability to use liquefied natural gas (LNG), one of the cleanest-burning non-electric marine fuels. The Elomatic team was instrumental in the design phase of this cruise ship. We worked on the 3D design of the LNG system and the LNG compartment in the Icon project. Designing an LNG system is a complex and sophisticated process, especially considering safety aspects.

Our work on the Icon of the Seas also included the design of the Floating Engine Room Units, which are the power houses that generate the energy required for ship propulsion but also necessary to operate kitchens, restaurants, theatres, sports facilities and cabins. The engine rooms also house heating systems, air conditioning units and the LNG tanks.

The complex design process of the Icon of the Seas was such a success, in part, due to the collaboration with our partners. Our ability to cooperate, enabled by technology but underpinned by strong relationships, mutual respect and having the right people assigned to each part of the project.

A varied skillset

Although part of my role is project management, at my core I am a designer, and this requires a varied skillset. As a designer, you create something using your technical knowledge, but the essence of the process is problem-solving. There are different paths you can take to find a solution, either individually, or through cooperation and teamwork, both of which I find equally satisfying.

Having had previous experience with various big merchant ships such as container ships, bulk carriers, LPG carriers and car carriers, my work in Elomatic has allowed me to build on this and take part in the design of a varied range of vessel types. From some of the biggest cruise liners to small ferries, work boats and arctic icebreaker projects, each project has brought a variety of new challenges, and encouraged cooperation with professionals from many different countries. I find this variety, both in the type of work and in terms of the multicultural teams I work in are motivating, and it ensures that no two days are the same.

Reflecting on my career so far, the projects I have undertaken with Elomatic and the positive impact we try to make in the industry has been fascinating. From forward-thinking designs to groundbreaking innovations, Elomatic has been helping to shape the maritime landscape, and I am pleased to have played a part in this journey.

As we look ahead to the unprecedented challenges and opportunities the maritime sector faces, I am confident that Elomatic is ready to deliver. We will continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible and will continue to support the maritime industry on its sustainability mission.

We succeed together

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