Asset management

Advanced asset management informs you about the quantity, condition and quality of your assets both now and in the future. Collating scattered information makes it significantly easier to manage business goals, risks, costs and investments.

By building a complete picture of your assets, we can help you monitor the condition and performance of your assets, reduce costs and increase productivity. We can help you understand the condition of your assets and how they will develop over the next five or ten years.

Our asset management solution offers versatile analytics tools, reporting features and integration opportunities with our maintenance solutions. We can help you make informed decisions, identify savings opportunities and enhance the life cycle of your assets. The flexible user rights management of the app ensure that the right people have access to the right information in the right place and at the right time.


Life cycle model

Ensures the quality of your assets today and helps you anticipate investment needs over the next five to ten years.


Optimize the use of your assets, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Sustainable development

Make informed decisions, improve the life cycle management of your assets, and improve the wellbeing of our environment at the same time.


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