Our contribution to sustainable development

We design solutions that increase environmental and human wellbeing. We know that we can have an impact on the environment and a carbon-neutral future with the daily design work we carry out for our customers.

We at Elomatic help our customers find success by producing services for them throughout the lifecycle of their products and investments. Our extensive selection also includes products and overall solutions.

We want to participate in developing a society that is based on clean energy production and the efficient utilization of energy and raw materials. Our competence is scalable to meet a variety of needs, and we always review the best way to implement a project together with the customer.

Work that takes the environment into account is our main principal

  • We take society’s general environmental expectations into account and we are committed to decreasing the energy consumption caused by our operations, the amount of waste we produce and the greenhouse gas emissions we cause.
  • In project work, we help our customers and partners operate according to the principles of sustainable development. We pay special attention to energy and material efficiency. We are constantly developing new, more environmentally friendly solutions.
  • We strive to give our customers a living environment that complies with the principles of sustainable development. We invest in the development of new innovations in our field.

Some of our sustainable development projects

IFC, VTT, Vaasan Sähkö

What else do we do?

In our operations, the strain on the environment is largely caused by commuting, heating the offices, the waste from offices and the energy used by our computers. We encourage all of our employees to commute by bicycle and use public transportation. For example, our employees have access to company bicycles.

We have installed solar panels on the roof of Elomatic’s offices in Turku and Jyväskylä, and will also utilize solar power at our other locations in the future. In addition, we recycle the waste of all of our locations. We also enable remote work and digital meetings, both internally and with our customers. Through these measures, we decrease our carbon footprint.

We all form the basis for a carbon-neutral Finland. Sustainable development and responsibility lie at the core of our competencies.