Product development

We help you develop your product from an idea to production and to the market. For this, we have a multisectoral team that includes several experts of planning and product development.

Product idea creation and requirement spesification

Concept design

By developing a high-quality concept design, your product will meet the requirements set by both your business and the end-users of your product.

Concept design is a critical part of the product development process and investing in the area reduces risks and costs in later stages of the process. Concept design is one of our major strengths, with competencies that include innovation and design proficiency, mechanical engineering, technical knowledge, and technical analysis.

The first steps are to openly produce multiple conceptual options, evaluate and compare them with accuracy to ensure that the final concept meets the needs of your product and your business operations and is of high quality. Following this, we will proceed to further develop the chosen concept, generate a virtual or physical prototype, and prepare a plan.

We utilize a workshop approach to generate concepts. Our skilled designers oversee the progression of ideas into a concept to ensure optimal effectiveness. Our calculation expertise allows testing concepts via simulations, which reduces the cost and time required for development.


Product engineering 

Prefabrication and production

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