Product development

We help you develop your product from an idea to production and to the market. For this, we have a multisectoral team that includes several experts of planning and product development.

In product development, we offer assistance from the first idea of the product to the commercialization of the product. We ensure the successfulness of our development projects through multisectoral work and we use project management, simulation and our systematic development process to stay on schedule and budget. 

In development projects, we provide creative innovation and problem solving, product concepts, industrial designing, mechanical engineering, technical analysis, usability planning, and production tool planning.

Successful product development requires that we understand you and your stakeholders. It is important to us that we can operate responsibly in a manner that provides people and the environment with well-being.   

As part of the product development projects we take care of legal matters, such as patenting and other protective mechanisms. Cooperation with us is effortless because we realize and implement product development with one contract.

  • Our core competence includes the development of ideas and concepts and the large-scale application of technology to ensure the best possible development result.
  • We control both the schedule and the costs with systematic product development processes and project management.
  • We have experience in development projects for things such as mobile machines, machine systems, plastic, cast and metal products, vehicles, serial production products, and embedded systems.

Product idea creation and requirement spesification

Would you like an innovative and customer-focused partner for your product development project? We can support you starting with preliminary design.

  • We can bring in experts (such as those specialized in technical analysis) to the initial phases of the product development project to enhance support and efficiency in the development of ideas.

A successful product development process starts with idea creation phase phase, in which requirements for the product are specified and product ideas are developed. That is why sufficient resources and specialized know-how should be invested in during the early stages. This also reduces the risks related to development.

We ensure the quality and feasibility of ideas using versatile ideation, assessment, and further development. We utilize double team method, which enables the creation of a high-quality ideation process for product development teams. Our objective is to detect all potential opportunities, consider all perspectives, and process all ideas in order to provide the best possible starting point for the product development project. For example, we can help with IPR issues if there are patents related to the product development.

In addition to idea creation phase, we can transform your needs and desires into technical and functional requirements. We strive to maintain an optimal level of detail in our requirement specification. The product idea and requirement specification collaborate to form a product description, which is then implemented using concepts in the following phase of the product development project. 

Concept design

By developing a high-quality concept design, your product will meet the requirements set by both your business and the end-users of your product.

Concept design is a critical part of the product development process and investing in the area reduces risks and costs in later stages of the process. Concept design is one of our major strengths, with competencies that include innovation and design proficiency, mechanical engineering, technical knowledge, and technical analysis.

The first steps are to openly produce multiple conceptual options, evaluate and compare them with accuracy to ensure that the final concept meets the needs of your product and your business operations and is of high quality. Following this, we will proceed to further develop the chosen concept, generate a virtual or physical prototype, and prepare a plan.

We utilize a workshop approach to generate concepts. Our skilled designers oversee the progression of ideas into a concept to ensure optimal effectiveness. Our calculation expertise allows testing concepts via simulations, which reduces the cost and time required for development.


Are you looking for a partner for manufacturing a prototype? We can help you verify the quality of the design and ensure that the concept of your product meets your needs and functions as intended.

  • Technical analysis aallows us to make testing specifications and engage in product testing before a physical prototype is available.
  • The prototype will be refined based on collaboration and feedback to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Our network of partners enables us to manufacture various kinds of prototypes rapidly and cost-effectively.
  • Additive manufacturing (AM) techniques enable us to produce plastic and metal prototypes quickly and affordably.

A prototype allows us to test the design created in the concept stage before proceeding to production and production planning. With it, we can identify which manufacturing methods can feasibly be used for the product from a quality and business perspective. We also evaluate whether the product meets its stress requirements, ensuring that it meets your needs and specifications.

Making various prototypes for different levels may be necessary during the development process. Rapid prototypes are used for testing usability, operation, and concept functionality, while traditionally manufactured prototypes are used for testing the producibility of the product.

We emphasize the need for business stakeholders and end-users to participate in reviewing and testing the prototypes. This allows us to ensure that we can gather sufficient information regarding the prototype to carry out final production.

Product engineering 

Are you looking for a partner for challenging product engineering? Our precise, professional, and versatile product engineering expertise enables you to move to the manufacturing and get the product onto the market.

  • Paper and cardboard industry machinery and equipment
  • Cranes
  • Rail equipment
  • Rotating electronic machinery
  • Consumer products

Our product development projects always start with a preliminary design phase and the creation of a concept. We review the technical details of the product concept from the perspective of materials, manufacturability, appearance, maintainability, safety, and durability. Our engineering is always precise: we produce manufacturing documentation along with prototypes and pilot series.

Other engineering phases include testing, verification, validation, safety examinations, product backlog as well as production planning, product launch, and marketing. We ensure successful product development by choosing a team of specialists that best fits each individual project.

We have implemented various product testing devices that allow us to ensure the functionality of the product before the delivered to the customer.

Prefabrication and production

Preproduction will provide you with important information on the turnaround time of your product, which will help in resource allocation for production and support the work of sales and maintenance.

  • We can help you select production methods that suit your business.
  • We can design production equipment and tools when custom made manufacturing equipment are needed.
  • We will help you choose or design production equipment that enables seamless production scale up.

Are you looking for a competent partner for preproduction? We can support you from start to finish.

We will ensure that the production plan for your product fulfils the requirements of your business. We will identify the right production methods, partners and required equipment. We can support in production scale up as well as in plant investments when you want to grow your production to a commercial level. In addition, we will test production plans and develop them to better suit your business operation.

Before actual production, we use pre-series to gather data on the production methods defined for the product. Naturally, we also verify the production costs of the pre-series. We will also determine the batches in which the product can be manufactured and the size of procured component batches.

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