Smart Factory investment and production development

We offer solutions and support for individual production development needs – regardless of whether your issue concerns a machine, a device or an entire factory.

When it comes to engineering production machines and devices or factories, our competence covers large-scale and challenging entities. We also offer support and management services for projects. Our services include everything from concept workshops to planning and procurements and the deployment of the machine or factory (EPCM). We can also include E&A, HVAC and HSE services in the project.

As Elomatic has a long history and our services include several competence areas, we have the skills to develop machines and factories to ensure the desired results. Our services cover fields such as technical analysis, simulation and visualizations.

Production engineering

We help when you need solutions for production challenges. Through production engineering, we solve issues concerning productivity, quality and security of supply.

In production engineering, we implement a variety of projects from simple lifting tools to complex production lines.

A common theme in engineering projects is that the solutions for the production challenges require comprehensive expertise from different sectors. A typical engineering commission is machine construction that combines structural analysis, HSE engineeringautomation and electrical engineering. Procurement and deployment processes often play an important role in the success of the project, in which case a turnkey solution may be the best option.

In engineering, we can use different types of software tools from which you can choose the one that suits your operations the best. Project management principles can also be tailored to the needs of the client and project.

Factory investments

We implement factory investment projects from concept planning to deployment. We implement our factory projects with a multisectoral team and professional skill obtained through extensive experience.

When it comes to factory investment projects, our competence covers layout and construction engineering, technology selection, device engineering, project management and outsourcing services.

The investment process for a factory is gradual and its content and stages are agreed according to the needs of the client. The process usually starts with the development of the concept, which provides both parties with the same basis of knowledge for the rest of the project. 

Our services include all relevant engineering and competence areas, from the concept to the deployed factory.

Production process development

When you need competence and tools for developing your production, productivity or operative operations, we help you find the solutions through consultation and development work.

Production development can be strategic work to improve your production strategy or it can be striving towards continuous improvement and looking for ideas to find new solutions. The work can be based on improving the productivity or adjusting the performance of the product selection so that it matches the demand in the market.

Typically, the work begins with workshops where we map out the challenges, objectives and the methods and training needed, which we then tailor to the needs recognized. After the workshops, we can move on to introducing the achieved improvements and development ideas in the operative operations of the factory.

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