Elomatic responsible for process design of Biovian’s new biopharmaceutical plant – new opportunities for development of viruses

Biovian Oy, which develops and manufactures biopharmaceuticals, is building a new plant in Turku, Finland, and has selected engineering and consulting company Elomatic to carry out the basic process design for the project. The plant, which will operate on the model of a multipurpose factory, opens new opportunities for the development of virus innovations in Finland.

Biovian has selected Elomatic to execute the basic process design of its new factory. Elomatic also did the concept design for the process and is responsible for the factory’s cleanroom delivery. The basic design will continue until April 2024, and the facility is scheduled to be completed in the Itäharju district of Turku during 2025.

With its new factory project, Biovian aims to meet the growing demand for biopharmaceuticals. The facility will manufacture virus-based pharmaceutical drug candidates for Biovian’s customers, and it will offer Biovian’s partners new opportunities to develop their innovations by enabling simultaneous work on multiple projects. The multipurpose factory, at which various types of virus products can be manufactured, poses a challenge in terms of process design, but Elomatic has experience in similar types of deliveries.

“Elomatic offers a viable concept: they have the expertise, excellent subcontractors and world-class cleanroom know-how that is unique in Finland. Combined with Biovian’s long experience in the development and manufacturing of complex biopharmaceuticals, it enables the design and construction of a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical plant that meets all market requirements,” says Biovian CEO Antti Nieminen.

In addition to defining user requirements, Elomatic is responsible for defining the clean utilities and the project management of the basic design. The work emphasizes safety aspects in terms of both people and the environment, as well as diverse cooperation with the construction company.

Founded in 2003, Biovian is one of Finland’s leading actors in the bio sector. The company has grown rapidly in recent years, and approximately 80 percent of its turnover already comes from exports. The new plant will strengthen Biovian’s position as a “full-service” contract manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals.

“We are proud to be able to offer our expertise to this project. It’s great that Finland will have a major new pharmaceutical plant that will enable the high-quality development of biopharmaceuticals here,” says Mona Åkerholm, Senior Vice President, Pharma, at Elomatic.

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