Full offshore construction logistics solution with no offshore liftings.

Environmentally friendly seabed standing foundation for shallow waters also for ice conditions.

Shallow Water Float Foundations


  • No offshore lifts
    • Increased safety
    • Lower costs
    • Independent of worlds future lack of WIVs
    • No need for Jones Act – qualified WIWs in US offshore
  • Enables access to ultra-shallow waters (3m-9m); typical installation water depth 10-45m
  • Scalable to future wind turbine sizes; current design for 15MW
  • Environmentally friendly
    • No hammering noise
    • Removable after lifetime; can be recycled (CO2 issue)
  • Quick and cost effective (fabrication friendly design ; various vendors can be used for fabrication; high local content)
  • Penetration of the Skirts to seabed improves foundation stability against moments and forces generated by wind, waves, ice, currents


  • Wind turbine is assembled on the float foundation onshore in drydock or floating at quayside
  • Only tugboats needed during towing to location and positioning when lowered to seabed
  • Water depths range from 3m to 45m
  • Soft, semisoft and dense seabeds
  • Suitable for ice conditions
  • Steel structure
    • Recyclable
    • High density-less weight loss than concrete when submerged
    • Corrosion protected
  • Reusable installation barges
  • DNVGL verified towage and lowering operation

Patent pending

Wind turbine can be assembled on the Float Foundation onshore and towed to location and further lowered to seabed.


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Float Foundation - Full offshore logistic solution with no offshore lifting.