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Frankfurt am Main | 10-14 June

Join us at Achema 2024 to connect with our experts and learn about Elomatic’s contribution to the hydrogen economy. At Achema, we will have a presentation on Finland’s role in the hydrogen economy from the perspective of ammonia production. We are excited to meet you in Frankfurt am Main!

Elomatic is a consulting and engineering company that provides top-level expert services to marine, process, machinery, and energy industries. Our strengths include expertise in sustainable energy solutions and a solid understanding of hydrogen and Power to X solutions. In the hydrogen economy, we are a consultative partner, who can design and integrate the production plant into the existing infrastructure.

Our presentation on Hydrogen Innovation Stage, Hall 6.0

“Finland’s role in hydrogen economy in the Baltic Sea region: ammonia production approach”

Teemu Turunen Elomatic

Elomatic is currently promoting three green ammonia production projects in Finland, which, when completed, will meet the entire demand for ammonia in the country. This know-how can be replicated in other projects, both for the production of green ammonia and for the production of other synthetic feedstocks.

Welcome to learn more about the projects, Finland’s targets in enabling green transition and Elomatic’s role in the hydrogen economy.

Teemu Turunen, Business Development Director, Process and Energy at Elomatic

  6/12/2024, 12:30 PM – 01:00 PM

  Hall 6.0, Hydrogen Innovation Stage

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Tuomas Nikkinen - Elomatic

Tuomas Nikkinen

Sales Director,
Process and Energy

Teemu Turunen, Elomatic

Teemu Turunen

Business Development Director,
Process and Energy

Elomatic and Green North Energy to develop green hydrogen production

Green North Energy is developing hydrogen plants in Finland, further solidifying the country’s status as the forerunner in the new era of the hydrogen economy.

The first project of Green North Energy is a hydrogen plant producing green ammonia in Naantali in southwestern Finland. The plant has a capacity of 280 MW and an initial investment value of approximately 600 million euros.

Elomatic has implemented the concept design for Green North Energy’s Naantali project. The work has progressed to the basic design phase, where the concept design material is being refined for the investment decision.  As part of this work, we have also created an EIA program (environmental impact assessment) for the project.

The uniqueness of the plant concept lies in its scalability. Green North Energy is replicating the plant concept in the cities of Pori and Kemi to achieve self-sufficiency in ammonia production in Finland. Elomatic will be the technical partner in all projects.

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Top Engineer
Green ammonia from Finland – a synergy of water, wind and land

A derivative of green hydrogen produced from renewable energy, green ammonia has the potential to become a new source of energy and revenue for the Finnish national economy. It allows the country to break its dependence on natural gas imports and provides self-sufficiency to secure agricultural production, power vessels in the future or to be a carrier of green hydrogen. Finland has the ideal mix of resources to produce green ammonia for both its own domestic use and for global distribution.

Top Engineer
Green Ammonia – the needed solution to combat climate change?

Russia’s attack war against Ukraine has spurred developments in the European energy mix that took most of us by surprise. Therefore, the need to move forward with the plans for a green hydrogen-based economy is now more crucial than ever. Green ammonia is among the best solutions for a speedy transition to the carbon-neutral Europe. It is economically feasible and its combustion contributes directly to carbon-neutrality targets. The most promising future destinations for ammonia include its use as marine fuel.


Top Engineer
Designing a future-proof solution – being prepared for the carbon-free marine fuel

One of the biggest races to cut greenhouse gas emissions is happening at sea. In light of the latest carbon dioxide emission regulations set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), shipowners are actively seeking innovative vessel concepts to transition to more eco-friendly fuels. Leading the way to zero emissions, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line) and Elomatic have developed a concept that offers scalability for future deployments. When the post-LNG phase is properly considered in advance, conversion costs remain modest.

Hydrogen alone will not solve the green transition – the possibilities of carbon dioxide should be considered as well 

Currently, there is a lot of talk about Finland’s opportunities in terms of the green transition. In particular, the potential of the hydrogen economy and related industrial-scale projects have been prominently highlighted. A lot is counting on hydrogen, but it alone will not solve the challenges of the future – carbon dioxide will be needed alongside it.

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