Manta APM – created in collaboration, made for the future

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Joining forces, Elomatic and Europe’s largest private AI lab Silo AI have together created an asset performance management (APM) system that is fit to set the standard in the maritime industry. Building on both companies’ strengths, the soon-launching Manta APM will enable ship owners to move towards more sustainable, cost-effective life-cycle management of their fleets.

Wanting to create a market-revolutionising APM system that would support ship owners and operators by combining industry intel with the latest software, Elomatic and Silo AI began a cross-functional collaboration in 2022. Building on each other strengths, the two partners are a match made in maritime heaven: Elomatic understands the realities that ship owners and operators face in their day-to-day lives, while Silo AI has strong capabilities and proven track record in AI technology, data and software development. Despite having different areas of expertise and responsibilities, the creation process has been a joint effort, bridging the worlds of maritime engineering and software development.

“Right from the beginning, Silo AI and Elomatic have been working as one team. We have shared the good days and the bad days, which has formed us to trust each other and enabled us to scale up fast without long lead times”, says Jussi Niemi, Lead AI Solutions Strategist at Silo AI.

“The collaboration with Silo AI couldn’t have been smoother. The effect of time difference between our teams’ locations was minimized with a good utilization of IT co-creation and co-development tools”, recounts Ilari Leinonen, Product Owner at Elomatic.

APM made better with state-of-the-art technology

Together, Elomatic and Silo AI have created Manta – an APM system that will increase the lifetime value of a single ship or an entire fleet through perfectly targeted services. Thanks to Manta, ship owners will not only be able to understand and improve their internal processes to yield higher returns of investment, but they will also be able to enhance their fleet’s operational sustainability and safety onboard. Manta’s features draw heavily on the vast industry knowledge Elomatic has gained by designing the best and most durable vessels in the world.

In terms of its software, and thanks to Silo AI, Manta is not just any APM system: it is a smart cloud solution, integrated seamlessly with AI-powered edge-computing capabilities on the ship. In a growing market for computerised maintenance management systems, a world-class APM such as Manta has great potential to provide value through machine learning and AI in various situations along a ship’s lifecycle. In the near future, Manta will have features that other APM tools do not, such as actionable condition monitoring and AI-based predictive maintenance support:

“Other APM tools might have predictive maintenance support, but are they based on engine IoT data that is plugged into automated service planning with automated resource allocation and supply chain management? I don’t think so. Manta will provide a full end-to-end augmentation of the workflow, which is something that today is done manually”, Niemi describes.

The software experts from Silo AI have fully dived into the world of ship operators, which shows in how the technology of Manta has been formed to fit the needs of the maritime industry:

“Silo’s performance has been top notch. The team was built for our purposes and needs in a very effective manner, and every responsibility of Silo’s has been filled with an absolute professional. Project procedural decisions have been easy to make throughout the project”, says Leinonen.

Developed for and together with the maritime industry

Manta has been created, not only for, but, in collaboration with vessel operators and owners, involving them in the design and development of the tool’s features. A constant feedback loop has enabled Elomatic and Silo AI to build a system, that will truly bring value to its future users. As the development continues, stakeholders and customers can join an industry partner programme to impact the future features and modules of Manta and ensure that these fit their exact needs. The now launching first version of the tool is already taking a leap into the future, but more is yet to come:  

“We are on a journey and providing a state-of-the-art APM during 2024 is only the beginning – we are already designing the next features that will take Manta further to the next levels in the following years”, promises Leinonen.

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Manta APM

As ships grow in complexity, so do the regulations that govern them, the fuels that power them, and the operational challenges they face. Access to clean, useful, and digestible data has never been more necessary and more challenging to manage, monitor, and use at every stage of a voyage.

Manta has been developed in collaboration with leading expert software company Silo AI, insights of ship owners and operators and aligned with guidelines and cyber security requirements of DNV and Bureau Veritas. Through Manta, you’re able to always have Elomatic’s engineering capabilities at your hand’s reach.

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