Elomatic and Pharmacure sign contract to design a facility to produce penicillin in Ethiopia

India-based Elomatic-Pharmalab Consulting & Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has signed a contract with Pharmacure Plc, part of Ethiopia’s MIDROC Investment Group, to design and engineer a manufacturing plant for penicillin products in Addis Ababa. Signed on February 9, 2023, this deal will enable Pharmacure to manufacture penicillin in different forms for the domestic and neighboring markets.

According to the agreement, Elomatic will provide end-to-end engineering and consulting solutions, starting from concept development to commissioning the manufacturing plant. The unique design work will include 3D modeling of the manufacturing site, utility and production systems. The 3D model and digital twin will make the actual construction, installation and future maintenance work easier. 

The design work will strictly comply with all global WHO Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for manufacturing pharmaceuticals. The plant will manufacture penicillin in different dosage forms, including tablets, hard gelatin capsules and dry syrup. An extension plan calls for the manufacturing of penicillin in vials. The production is to cover the needs of the local Ethiopian market and neighboring countries. 

“We appreciate Elomatic’s experience of working on projects according to international regulatory norms with well-known firms in various areas of the world,“ says Mr. Jemal Ahmed, CEO of MIDROC Investment Group, who signed the contract. 

He continues to say it is with great pleasure that MIDROC Investment Group announces the signing of an agreement for the design and engineering work of a penicillin pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant in Addis Ababa with Elomatic-Pharmalab Consulting & Engineering.

“With this important project, we are pleased to develop our cooperation with the biggest company in the country, MIDROC Investment Group, and broaden our experience in Ethiopia,” says Mr. Abhay Ranjan, CEO of Elomatic-Pharmalab Consulting & Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Piia Leinonen, Marketing and Communications Director, Elomatic
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About Pharmacure Plc

Pharmacure, part of the MIDROC Investment Group, started production of pharmaceutical products in 2002. Since then, the company has been marketing its products to the private and public healthcare system of Ethiopia. It currently manufactures and supplies large volume parenterals (LVP), which contain lifesaving molecules used during accidents and given to hospitalized patients. The medicines are also used for fluid balance in the body and as an admixture for other intravenous drugs.