Virtual environment for the production line boosts Anpap’s sales and marketing


Anpap Oy


Anpap is a Finnish technology company founded in 2002 that designs, manufactures and supplies production lines for airlaid nonwoven fabric production as well as equipment and sub-processes for other nonwoven processes.

For marketing and sales, Anpap needed presentation material that could be used in customer meetings to showcase the production line in a visual and informative way. The company was already familiar with the virtual factories that Elomatic had implemented for Valmet. The goal was to have a similar type of virtual environment for the production line.

For Anpap, it was important that the solution was suitable both for general marketing and sales use as well as for a detailed review of the line and its technical features. The virtual environment met both needs: the end result was a stylized production line where users can explore various features through functionalities that provide additional information.


Elomatic designed a virtual demonstation environment for Anpap, where the user can virtually walk next to the line and explore the line anywhere, anytime. With the help of the solution, the production line and its features can be presented to customers quickly and understandably, either as a browser version or with the help of an application.


Planning began in March 2023, and the project was completed in April 2023.

“The virtual demonstration environment is an extremely convenient and impressive tool for sales and marketing. Opening discussions with customers, for instance at trade fairs, becomes much easier when the production line is easy to visualize. We were pleased with Elomatic’s proactive approach to the project: our role mainly involved providing the required materials according to Elomatic’s instructions.”

Marko Mäntylä, President, Anpap

How did we do it?

The design of the virtual environment began with defining the application’s functionalities and the visual look of the virtual environment in collaboration with Anpap.

Elomatic created the virtual demonstration environment based on the 3D design models of the production line. The design models were visualized, rendered, and converted into 360-degree images, which were used to build the virtual environment.

The virtual environment was implemented in accordance with Anpap’s brand image and, for example, the colors of the line were designed together. Informative features were added to the application through hotspot functionalities: by clicking on different parts of the production line, users receive detailed information via images, videos, and texts, allowing them to explore the production line in detail.

Despite time pressures, the virtual demonstration environment was completed on schedule and ready for use at international trade fairs. To cater to various usage scenarios, the solution was designed to be accessible on any device, either via a browser or an application. Additionally, the production line can be explored using VR glasses.

Anpap is already planning to expand the use of the virtual environment for training and maintenance purposes. The same solution can be adapted to various needs, as the virtual environment can be modified for different applications by adding information in different formats.