Elomatic developed an efficient production line for Aisti’s ecological acoustic tiles


Aisti Corporation Oy


Aisti is a Finnish company that manufactures natural fiber-based acoustic tiles for the construction industry. The company is using Foam Forming technology in manufacturing, which allows Aisti® Teno acoustic tiles to be produced ecologically from wood fibers. No synthetic binders nor fibers are used in the manufacturing process, which makes the tiles also safe and recyclable. Aisti’s Teno acoustic tiles can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 60% compared to alternatives on the market.

Aisti needed a partner to design the production line for the new acoustic tile factory and was convinced by Elomatic’s expertise. The commercial-scale factory will be built in Kitee, Finland where production is scheduled to start in 2025. With an annual production capacity of 2.5 million square meters, Aisti is aiming for a 15 % market share in the Nordic countries.


Elomatic selected the machinery and equipment for the production line and was responsible for the conceptual design of the post-processing equipment line and machinery. In addition, Elomatic was responsible searching for a suitable plant location, comparing electrical connections, requesting and comparing equipment quotations and preparing a cost estimate for the entire plant.


Autumn 2023

“We are launching a new type of ecological acoustic tile to the market that can compete in terms of pricing. We knew that this approach would place high demands on production efficiency. The partnership with Elomatic gave us the confidence that we had the best possible people at our disposal to take care of the development of the production process and the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.”

Antti Fredrikson, Founder and Chairman of the Board at Aisti

How did we do it?

The collaboration with Aisti started back in 2020, when Elomatic helped Aisti to develop the initial concept design for acoustic tile production line. The current factory project was pre-designed with another partner, but as the project progressed, the company realized that it needed Elomatic’s expertise again.

Elomatic was responsible for ensuring that the production line met Aisti’s high standards of production efficiency. Elomatic’s solid experience in wood fiber processing was a valuable asset to the project, which not only allowed to design tailored machinery and equipment solutions to Aisti’s needs but also helped to manage the costs of the investment. In addition to mechanical design, cutting-edge process design expertise played an important role in the project.

It was important for Aisti to get to work together with familiar project managers and experienced engineers. Aisti’s project manager worked with our designers at Elomatic’s Jyväskylä office throughout the project, demonstrating smooth cooperation. The close teamwork also allowed for informal discussions, further improving collaboration.