Elomatic developed production line for VTT’s bio-based film

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a transparent cellulose film that offers a more climate-friendly solution as a packaging material than plastic. The bio-based film helps solve many of the challenges related to plastic. Developing the solution would not have been possible without Elomatic’s expertise: we implemented the pilot production line necessary for manufacturing the renewable film.


VTT Espoo


A pilot production line was needed to manufacture the cellulose-based film developed by VTT, which Elomatic was responsible for implementing as an EPCM (Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management) project. In addition to mechanical, electrical and automation design, the delivery included tender surveys and supplier comparisons. The project involved a virtual planning team which solved challenges together. As a result of the excellent collaboration, the start-up of the pilot production line was successful on the first try.




The project began in early 2020 with the preliminary design phase, and the pilot production line was commissioned in 2022.

“In this project, we had a virtual design team with Elomatic that allowed us to solve the challenges together. Throughout the project, we considered how we could do it in the best possible way, and we looked for the best combination of alternative solutions.”

Ali Harlin, Research Professor, VTT

How did we do it?

The design project for the pilot production line for manufacturing cellulose film began in early 2020. VTT had an idea of what they needed, and Elomatic’s task was to consider the necessary technical solutions. VTT understood the importance of the concept and pre-planning, which provided a good starting point. Collaboration was further facilitated by the long history shared by Elomatic and VTT.

3D models were used already in the pre-planning phase, after which we continued with more detailed planning. Models were also viewed together using augmented reality. VTT appreciated the use of such state-of-the-art tools, as they enabled the customer’s wishes to be taken fully into account. A lot of testing was also conducted so that mistakes could be avoided right from the start of the project. The careful work culminated in the successful start-up of the pilot production line in the first trial.