Elomatic designed advanced technical solutions for Škoda Transtech’s trams

Škoda Transtech needed an experienced partner to carry out mechanical design and structural analysis for 80 modern trams. The partner selected for this demanding design task was Elomatic, with whom cooperation has been seamless. The end result was a modular, manufacturing-efficient design and an advanced coupling solution between the bogie and body structure.


Škoda Transtech Oy


Škoda Transtech, a member of Škoda Transportation Group, received an order from German transport company Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr (RNV) for 80 trams consisting of three or more cars and needed design assistance. Designing modern trams is challenging, because the welded vehicle is exposed to a wide range of loads during its long life, in addition to which the structure must also be as light as possible.


Elomatic was responsible for the mechanical design of the steel frame and bogie structure of the trams, as well as the detailed design of the carriage structure. In addition, our experts produced the project’s load analyses. We have also served as a partner in the change planning of the manufacturing phase.


The design work began in 2018, and the manufacturing phase is still ongoing.

“From Elomatic, we received both mechanical design and technical calculations from the same supplier. Thanks to that, we were able to agree on everything in one meeting. Elomatic’s designers did an excellent job in a fast and solution-oriented way. They were actively involved in solving problems and bringing good ideas to the table. We have also previously had good experiences with Elomatic’s work.”

Antti Savolainen, Project Operation Manager, Škoda Transtech

How did we do it?

The project began with the conceptual design of the steel frame and bogie structure. Based on that, Elomatic’s designers continued to design the carriage structure in more detail. In addition, the company produced load analyses in accordance with the requirements of Škoda Transtech.

Experienced professionals from Elomatic were involved in the project, which was reflected in the final result. For example, Elomatic’s experts designed the carriage structure to be modular, which allows Škoda Transtech to efficiently assemble the necessary units from the smallest possible number of carriage modules.

Between the bogey and the body structure, the designers developed an innovative coupling solution that is so unique that Škoda Transtech applied for patent protection. The new coupling solution facilitates maintenance by making removing and attaching the bogeys easier and faster, which also improves safety.