Elomatic Consults Vantaan Energia on Carbon Capture and Utilization


Vantaan Energia


Elomatic and Vantaan Energia explored the possibilities of carbon capture and utilization for the production of formic acid.

Carbon capture, storage, and utilization play a significant role in achieving climate goals. In carbon utilization, hydrogen production is crucial because when carbon dioxide is used as a raw material for further processing, hydrogen is typically the other main raw material. Combined with hydrogen, carbon dioxide can be sequestered from the atmosphere for long periods when used to produce raw materials for long-lasting products.


Elomatic investigated the options for utilizing carbon dioxide captured from the flue gases of Vantaan Energia’s waste incineration plant for the production of formic acid. The study included process descriptions, energy and mass balances, cost estimates, production costs, implementation plans with timelines, and risk assessments. Elomatic also researched technology providers for formic acid production and carbon capture.



“Elomatic has helped us develop a potential concept for carbon dioxide utilization. Collaboration with Elomatic’s expert team went smoothly from start to finish. Elomatic conducted the research very thoroughly, completed it on schedule, and delivered the results as expected.”

Angela Juslin, Development Engineer, Vantaan energia

How did we do it?

The project involved a conceptual study of four different possibilities for producing formic acid. The methods for formic acid production were based on various combinations of two carbon capture systems and two different formic acid production methods.

The project explored the operational principles, costs, and readiness levels of the technologies with technology providers. The implementation plan and schedule also assessed what would be required to adopt technologies not yet in commercial use.