@ SMM 2024

Hamburg | 3 – 6 September | Hall B1.OG stand 200

Join us at SMM 2024 to connect with our experts and explore how Elomatic can help you carry out projects ranging from small consulting tasks to comprehensive ship design projects.

We are excited to meet you in Hamburg, Germany at our stand 200 in Hall B1.OG in the Maritime Finland Pavilion.

In this year’s SMM we are showcasing our design and engineering of ship and offshore wind power solutions with expertise in environmental requirements. We have extensive experience and an established role as an early developer of new technologies. We offer a full range of ship design, consultancy and project management services for various ship types.

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Meet the team

Rami Hirsimäki, Elomatic

Rami Hirsimäki

Senior Vice President, Marine & Offshore Energy

Guido Schulte, Elomatic

Guido Schulte

Sales Director, Marine & Offshore Energy
Managing Director, Elomatic Maritime Technologies

Antti Yrjänäinen

Antti Yrjänäinen

Project & Sales Manager, Marine & Offshore Energy

Jari Yli-Tolppa

Jari Yli-Tolppa

Design & Product Manager

Ilari Leinonen, Elomatic

Ilari Leinonen

Product Owner

Jarkko Salminen, Elomatic

Jarkko Salminen

Senior Sales Manager

Jukka Suvanto, Elomatic

Jukka Suvanto

Senior Sales Manager

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Discover the power of Elogrid: What can it do for you?

Customized solutions for every vessel

Every vessel is unique, presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities. That’s why our Elogrid solution is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each vessel, utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to customize the solution according to the vessel’s hull shape and operational characteristics, and improve hydrodynamic performance.

Elogrid is a cutting-edge solution crafted by our team, dedicated to maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact in maritime operations. By seamlessly integrating advanced engineering methods and innovative design principles, Elogrid offers a multifaceted approach to enhancing vessel performance.

The ship hull side thruster tunnel opening grids performances are evaluated in full scale using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for ship sailing at different speeds to find the impact in total resistance and in bollard pull situation with different thrust loads to find impacts inside thrust.

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Shipowners and Operators

With competence accrued from years of experience, we can help tackle your business challenges. For example, our Elogrid solution significantly reduces the additional resistance and fuel consumption of ships. We carry out projects ranging from small consulting tasks to comprehensive ship design projects. Our range of competencies is vast and covers, for example, hydrodynamics, machine solutions and usability.

Top Engineer
Designing a future-proof solution – being prepared for the carbon-free marine fuel

One of the biggest races to cut greenhouse gas emissions is happening at sea. In light of the latest carbon dioxide emission regulations set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), shipowners are actively seeking innovative vessel concepts to transition to more eco-friendly fuels. Leading the way to zero emissions, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line) and Elomatic have developed a concept that offers scalability for future deployments. When the post-LNG phase is properly considered in advance, conversion costs remain modest.

Top Engineer
Ammonia fuel for carbon-free shipping?

The maritime industry often ranks high when comparing global greenhouse gas emitters. But when measured by tonnage of transported goods, the benefit of the global shipping industry becomes even more apparent. Energy demands on the maritime sector require a bunker fuel to store energy for long periods of time in order to move the vessel and sustain the people onboard. Alternative fuels are one method to decrease the reliance on fossil fuels and to cut emissions. Low-carbon fuels can motivate growth and bring new opportunities to the maritime industry ranging from shipyards to component manufacturing, bringing a green transition to the business.

Fuel savings through hydrodynamic improvements

A typical cargo ship that operates 24 h/day and 300 days a year uses about 95 % of its energy for propulsion. Fuel consumption for propulsion is 28 800 ton-MGO/year/ship, which translates to annual fuel expenses of $ 17 280 000  (Notteboom, T. and P. Carriou (2009)).