Environmental impact assessment program published for Green North Energy’s planned hydrogen plant in Naantali

Green North Energy’s hydrogen project is progressing according to plan, and the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process for the planned plant in Naantali, Finland, has now begun. The aim of the project is to produce synthetic fuel and chemicals with renewable electricity in Naantali.

Green North Energy is developing a plant in Naantali, Finland, to produce green hydrogen products that could replace fossil fuels that are harmful to the climate and at the same time create jobs within the green transition. The company will primarily focus on further refining hydrogen into green ammonia, which also improves the self-sufficiency and security of Finland’s energy supply.

The environmental impact assessment program for the planned facility has now been published for comment. In it, the effects are evaluated under the supervision of the local ELY Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. Green North Energy has already paid special attention to minimizing the environmental impact of the project. The production will operate within a closed process, so the biggest impact will be any heat generated in the process that cannot be used in the district heating network. The environment and safety are the most important design criteria, and they are being developed in good cooperation with the relevant authorities.

The evaluation is being conducted at the Luolala plant site, where Green North Energy is looking at different options for the location of the new plant. The main production infrastructure already exists at the site, which also offers excellent logistical connections and the possibility to use waste heat in the City of Turku’s district heating network. There is clear demand for green hydrogen products, and Green North Energy has already signed several letters of intent. Production is planned to start in 2026.

“The core idea of our project is to minimize environmental impacts and enable a green transition, which means we will take great care of the plant’s impacts on the surrounding environment as well. Our cooperation with the local municipality, ELY Centre and other authorities together with other partners has been very smooth,” says Jussi Ylinen, Managing Director of Green North Energy.


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Established in 2021, Green North Energy is a green energy project development company, which enables the operation of green hydrogen and ammonia plants. The largest business owners of the company are the consulting and engineering company Elomatic and Flexens Oy Ab. The company will build a green hydrogen and ammonia production plant in Naantali in the coming years.