Optimizing ship performance: Three ways Elogrid can help you smooth the decarbonization journey

When it comes to ship design, decarbonization isn’t just a matter that needs to be addressed for newly built ships; it’s an urgent issue for the existing fleet.

Ship owners are faced with a multitude of design decisions and uncertainties, including choices regarding solutions for the existing fleet. Despite the challenges ahead, the primary goal remains optimizing the ship’s performance, whether it’s a cruise ship or ferry, superior ship design is the key.

Exposure to EU ETS or other carbon pricing, and CII ratings, will be essential commercial considerations for any ship owner or operator. It is therefore essential that at the design stage, a design partner can thoroughly evaluate all options, and model how they will perform. This requires significant, dedicated resources – one small change at the design stage can have major impacts on operations, and vice versa.

Even a small piece of equipment can make a difference

Maximizing energy efficiency is one of our most important focus areas for the Elomatic Marine & Offshore business at Elomatic. There are many energy saving solutions available, and if properly designed and optimized, they can improve vessel performance significantly. In Elomatic we work out what fits best for your individual vessel by using advanced engineering methods – at the same time making sure that the revenue potential is maintained or even enhanced. At the end of the day, even a small piece of equipment, when developed using advance modelling, can make a difference and deliver a notable impact on GHG emissions. This is why we have developed the Elogrid solution.

Here are three ways our Elogrid solution can transform your vessels and help support you on the journey to decarbonization.

To conclude, Elomatic’s Elogrid is a simple yet powerful solution that notably enhances thrust and manoeuvrability while also cutting down on hull resistance, noise, and vibrations.  Vessel operators will also notice that windmilling of thruster propellers is no longer an issue once the Elogrid solution has been installed. This overall enhancement in ship performance consequently aids in reducing fuel consumption, demonstrating how advanced modelling and even small-scale equipment can make cost-efficient differences in greenhouse gas emissions and CII performance.

Whether we are envisioning the ships of the future or enhancing those of today, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, by keeping our gaze fixed on the horizon, we can continue to discover solutions that will help to solve the complex challenges that lie ahead.

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Elogrid is a cutting-edge solution crafted by our team, dedicated to maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact in maritime operations. By seamlessly integrating advanced engineering methods and innovative design principles, Elogrid offers a multifaceted approach to enhancing vessel performance.

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