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Elomatic pursuing growth by expanding product and turnkey delivery business

Alongside traditional engineering and consulting Elomatic is expanding its product and turnkey delivery operations. Good examples are strongly growing flue gas scrubber deliveries as well as sterile plant turnkey deliveries. With its chosen strategy Elomatic aims to boost growth, which will mainly come from international business operations.

Export Award goes to Elomatic

The Internationalisation Committee of the Turku Chamber of Commerce has awarded its 2014 Export Award for Southwest Finland to Elomatic. Without successful and loyal customers we would not have achieved this recognition and would like to thank you for your continued support.

Aker Arctic, Elomatic and Wellquip have signed a cooperation agreement for design and marketing of offshore structures.

Aker Arctic Technology Oy, Elomatic Oy and Wellquip Oy have agreed to jointly market their know-how and cooperate in project im-plementation in the cold and ice water offshore market. Their immediate focus is growth in the arctic and subarctic markets.

Elomatic and Wellquip merge offshore business operations

Joint venture company aims for growth in arctic market

Elomatic ja Evac combine forces to clean offshore waste water

Elomatic Ltd and Evac Ltd from Finland have signed a long-term cooperation agreement according to which Elomatic will support Evac in its strongly growing Asian offshore business area. Elomatic offers Evac expert support as well as consulting and engineering services for Evac's vacuum toilet systems and waste water treatment plant deliveries for offshore field facilities.

Continued strong growth creating jobs at Elomatic

Elomatic Ltd achieved strong growth in 2013 despite the continuing challenging global economic conditions. The company's turnover increased by 12%, which is significantly higher than the average for the engineering and consulting business field.

Elomatic’s Pekka Koivukunnas awarded prize of ‘Innovator of the Year’!

The Finnish Inventors National Federation has awarded Elomatic’s Pekka Koivukunnas the prize of Innovator the Year. He is currently employed as an Innovation Specialist at the Elomatic Helsinki office. The federation justifies its choice as follows:

Elomatic completes report for TRAFI on cost implications of environmental directives on marine transport.

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) has been renewed over the last ten years by The International Maritime Organisation (IMO). New conventions have also been ratified by the IMO. In addition the EU’s renewed directive that regulates sulphur emissions was passed last year. The new regulations affect the cost of new vessels and vessel operation and require that changes are made to existing vessels.

Record turnover for Elomatic

Elomatic, an international provider of engineering and consulting services, has recorded a 14% increase in turnover for the recently completed financial year compared to the previous financial year. Turnover for the period amounted to €46 million, of which 14% was accounted for by Cadmatic, which develops and markets 3D design software. During the period Elomatic hired more than 60 employees, of which over half in Finland. Elomatic has over 700 employees globally.