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11. Key personnel

Abhay Ranjan Chief Executive Officer (Elomatic India) Sanjay Kadam General Manager (Operations) Shailesh Doshi General Manager (Project) Ujjal Dutta General Manager (Business Development) Stefan Åkerman Project Management Manne Savioja Project Management

12. Message from the CEO

I take great pride in the team that we have nurtured at Elomatic India. Every individual is passionate and self-driven with a strong application bias. We are guided by systems thinking that allows all...

13. Nitin Lashkar

“Project management brings specialized skills and knowledge to assist companies in making the best possible business decisions. It typically provides oversight and leadership in executing projects from...

14. Our story

Elomatic India is a turnkey engineering and consultancy company dedicated to the life sciences sector. It is a joint venture between Elomatic Oy, Finland & Pharmalab, India.Elomatic Oy was founded in...

15. Overview

Our mission is to place our more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry at your disposal. In pharmaceuticals and biotech our know-how covers all process phases from...

16. Publications & Brochures

Brochures Elomatic Catalogue 2019 Download (pdf) At Your Service Download (pdf) Elomatic India brochure Download (pdf) Elomatic India Brochure concised Download (pdf) Elomatic India Brochure concised (Russian) Download (pdf) Clean Utilities Download (pdf) Cleanrooms Download (pdf) Food, Biomass and Chemicals Processing Download (pdf) GMP Services Download (pdf) Pharmaceuticals Download (pdf) Simulation use in Performance Optimisation Download (pdf) Verification Download (pdf) Publications Top Engineer 2/2019 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 1/2019 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 2/2018 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 1/2018 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 2/2017 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 1/2017 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 2/2016 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 1/2016 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 2/2015 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 1/2015 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 2/2014 Download (pdf) Top Engineer 1/2014 Download (pdf)

17. References

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18. Sanjay Kadam

“As an accountant my main role is to prepare business accounts, which I believe is an important function. It is interesting, but at the same time challenging as I have to follow the frequent changes happening...

19. Services

In order to support our customers’ success, not only during consulting and engineering projects, but throughout the whole life cycle of their operations, we have developed a set of professional services...

20. Sitemap

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