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Mr. Abhay Ranjan CEO

Message from the CEO

I take great pride in the team that we have nurtured at Elomatic India. Every individual is passionate and self-driven with a strong application bias. We are guided by systems thinking that allows all of us to switch between the roles of great team-players and exemplary leaders.

Our team consists of a diverse yet cohesive pool of experts that embrace change and learn from their collective experiences. We thrive on innovative problem solving skills that add value to our clients and their subsequent end-users and also add great intrinsic value to our own talent pool.

Our indomitable resolve to deliver solutions to our client’s challenges, however, big or small, helps in increasing the quality and productivity of their operations; thereby making our vision of providing high quality – affordable healthcare a real possibility.

For an organization that is in the technology intensive field, I strongly believe that our most prized asset is our human capital, for their intellect and diligence improves our business by leaps and bounds. As someone who oversees the operations, I have focused on ensuring that our talent is aligned with our vision and mission in order to evolve as a leader in the engineering & consultancy space for life sciences.

I challenge my team to look beyond our current paradigms for new and better ways of working to meet our customer’s expectations. My engineers are taught to make decisions analytically and largely without emotion. The culture at Elomatic is forged by hard work, learning, tough decision making and creative solutions.

The core values that guide our actions are:

Empower: We provide a highly conducive knowledge rich environment to our team in order to enable them to deliver their best at all times in every project.

Persevere: Our human capital constantly strives to provide the best solutions and optimally performs under time or other project related constraints. Their passion is the force that converts dreams into reality and drives a vision towards results.

Collaborate: Efficient and effective teamwork and interdepartmental work flow is critical to the timely and successful completion of projects. As such our collaborative effort and leadership is paramount.

Envisage: One of the top qualities of a consultant is to foresee and visualize project constraints and to circumvent them.. We strongly emphasize instilling this value in every employee.

Being associated with a dynamic industry such as life sciences we can rarely control the timing of our opportunities, but we are in complete control of our internal preparation in order to make the most of these opportunities as and when they present themselves. For this we nurture a culture which is young, dynamic and constantly learning with an aim to perform optimally all the time, succeed together and celebrate our accomplishments.

Message from Elomatic Group President Patrik Rautaheimo